Vikings Funeral? Minnesota’s 2010 Season Officially Lost at Sea

adrian peterson

The Minnesota Vikings have come to a breaking point in their season. They were pummeled by their rival Green Bay Packers on Sunday. And Brett Favre wasn’t even listening to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell after his interception. It is well known that Favre and Brad Childress don’t see eye to eye despite the fact that the latter is the on-again off-again chauffeur. If Favre isn’t accepting coaching from the rest of the staff at this juncture, then it is time for one or the other to change.

ByPatrick Herbert

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Randy Moss Waived by Vikings (Podcast)

Randy Moss waived

The Minnesota Vikings have waived Randy Moss and The Backdoor Cut breaks down what happened with the Moss-Vikings relationship, what’s next for Moss and the Vikings, and how fans are reacting to the news that Moss is no longer with the team.

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Vikings Release Randy Moss, New England Patriots Doing Fine Without him


Yesterday, Randy Moss echoed the sentiments of ’80s trash metal band Cinderella: “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

After his former team, the New England Patriots beat down and beat up his Minnesota Vikings 28-18, Moss told the press what a great Coach Bill Belichick is (uhm yeah, the sky is blue, water’s wet…basic obvious truths here) and how much he misses being in New England.

The Vikings responded by releasing him on Monday afternoon. A bit unexpected yes?

Back to yesterday, Moss hugged the Patriots players and coaching staff after the game, a game in which the Patriots much maligned secondary (a ridiculous ragtag, hodge podge of misfits aren’t they?) held him to just one catch for eight yards.

The Patriots are doing quite well after the trade. They became the first NFL team to reach six wins, and thanks to Green Bay’s win over the disgusting and detestable New York Jets, New England now has first place in the AFC all to themselves. By the way, they are 3-0 without Moss.

By Paul M. Banks

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Patriots Loss is Vikings Gain: Systems Do Not Trump Talent


Sometimes celebrities get caught up in their own press and are surrounded by “yes men.” In the sports world, the NFL is the king of television and ancillary revenue. Men like Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick are at the top of the spectrum in terms of power and public perception.

No coach in the league has more of a mandate to give his input to ownership and management than the alleged cheater in the Providence-Boston area. In this instance, this ability has hurt the organization and Belichick’s credibility.

The trade of Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings for a third round draft pick and a future seventh rounder is ludicrous and laughable.

As a lifelong Viking fan, I am elated to see the big play threat return to Mall of America Field for the first time since Sidney Rice played on that turf.

By Patrick Herbert

For a Patriots fan view of the trade go here

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