2012 Fantasy Football Preview: WR

As the NFL season gets closer every day, so does your fantasy draft. Stephen Kelley’s fantasy football previews continue with a look at the surprisingly deep wide receiver position.

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2011 NFL Free Agent Signings, Trade Rumors, NFL News: Chris Johnson, Roethlisberger, Moss and More!

chris johnson

NFL Training camps are in full swing. How is Ben Roethlisberger going the extra mile to help improve the Pittsburg Steelers? Is Chris Johnson the most underpaid running back in the NFL? Is Randy Moss’ retirement a hoax? What are the latest NFL Free Agent Signings? NFL Trade Rumors?

This hard hitting franchise tagged Sportsbank.net section has you covered.

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Chad Ochocinco Ready for The Patriot Way, Bill Belichick Upbeat About Transactions


New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick addressed the media this morning to discuss the recent additions of WR Chad Ochocinco and DL Albert Haynesworth, he also talked about the veteran cuts they had to make. There was some snarkiness by BB when asked about how the two additions will fit into how he does things.

Many are questioning how the colorful personalities will mesh with the Draconian program that Belichick runs. See more on that after the jump.

Ochocinco also spoke with reporters this morning and said he’s willing to change to fit in in Foxboro.

“I’ll always be me. But there’s a certain way the Patriots do it, and I’ve always been a chameleon, and I’m going to do it the Patriot way, which is win,” he said.

He also knows Belichick doesn’t want him to be quite as outspoken and attention-seeking as he was with the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Bill, we had our talk and without him having to say anything, I’ll say, there’s no need for some of the things that have been before,” Ochocinco said.


Is it ethical for the AP to remove the guy on the left's middle finger from the photo? I'm assuming so, because they did it.

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2011 NFL Signings and Trade Rumors: Ochocinco, Greg Olsen, Vince Young and More!



Another day of NFL preseason is wrapping up and since our last report the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have made more moves. Nnamdi Asomugha also is down to two teams. What are the latest NFL Trade rumors?

What 2011 NFL Signings took place today? The Sportsbank has you covered.

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Randy Moss’ return to Patriots doubtful

Randy Moss Headed to New York Jets?


As the lockout drags on, inactivity seems to instill a weird effect on players and clubs alike. Something that starts out as a rumor on some forum somewhere may quickly turn into fact, and something that’s pretty much taken for granted can fall apart and be shoved away into the unsubstantiated rumor bin within the span of a few days.

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Bigger Champions of 2010 Futility: Redskins or Vikings?

Daniel Snyder and Zygi Wilf must be two of the most disgruntled men in the NFL right now. The former is the owner of the Washington Redskins while the latter possesses the Minnesota Vikings.

It must be a little rougher for Wilf at this juncture considering that he is losing massive amounts of revenue from relocating home dates to less lucrative options. This is in addition to the fact that he already had one of the least advantageous lease agreements in the league. His deals relating to suite money, parking, and concessions are not up to par compared to other franchises. At least Snyder can count on having one of the top attendance counts in the NFC East; along with the other benefits that come from being one of the highest profile teams on a consistent basis.

For now, let’s compare who’s been the bigger disappointment in 2010, and cover each area.

By Patrick Herbert

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Brad Childress: A Complete Laughing Stock

Given his lack of credibility and ineffectiveness in leadership, Vikings Coach Brad Childress should be in Washington; and not with the Redskins.

Chili came to a boiling point earlier this week when Percy Harvin exchanged words with the head coach regarding his sprained ankle. To say that this organization is not a NFL team and instead a soap opera would be a disservice to its level of dysfunction. Prior to his release, Randy Moss was more friendly with a man (Bill Belichick) who traded him for a third round pick than he was with his current leader.

By Patrick Herbert

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Bears Offensive Line Needs Immediate and Drastic Change

If the Chicago Bears front office isn’t going to invest in an offensive lineman to protect Jay Cutler, it ought to spend its money on a stretcher.

A year ago, Cutler became the prized possession of Chicago. The Bears had finally invested in a competent quarterback who could lead the team into the modern era of the NFL, a trigger-happy league with less emphasis on the ground-and-pound running attack that was defined by Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Barry Sanders.

But luring their star signal caller to Chicago came at a high price. In agreeing to send two first-round picks and former Chicago quarterback Kyle Orton, he of the neck beard extraordinaire, to Denver, the Bears bet the house that Cutler was the team’s future.

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Vikings’ Childress not Letting Brett Favre be Brett Favre

Brett Favre is not currently having the season that Viking fans or Brad Childress had anticipated. After reaching the NFC title game last year against the New Orleans Saints, the Vikings have struggled thus far- amassing a record of 2-5 through the first seven games. Only the Dallas Cowboys have been more disappointing to this point. The Vikings went into New England yesterday with a new lease on their proverbial lives.

They had the ace in the hole to their game plan. It came in the form of Randy Moss.

His perceived experience and knowledge of the Patriots offensive and defensive schemes certainly would be invaluable to the Vikings preparations throughout the week. Unfortunately, this plan did not come to fruition for Childress. Randy Moss was only able to achieve one catch on Sunday for a grand total of eight yards. This is largely due to Bill Belichick’s game plan to shut him down by having his safety positioned extremely deep downfield.

By Patrick Herbert

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Vikings Release Randy Moss, New England Patriots Doing Fine Without him


Yesterday, Randy Moss echoed the sentiments of ’80s trash metal band Cinderella: “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

After his former team, the New England Patriots beat down and beat up his Minnesota Vikings 28-18, Moss told the press what a great Coach Bill Belichick is (uhm yeah, the sky is blue, water’s wet…basic obvious truths here) and how much he misses being in New England.

The Vikings responded by releasing him on Monday afternoon. A bit unexpected yes?

Back to yesterday, Moss hugged the Patriots players and coaching staff after the game, a game in which the Patriots much maligned secondary (a ridiculous ragtag, hodge podge of misfits aren’t they?) held him to just one catch for eight yards.

The Patriots are doing quite well after the trade. They became the first NFL team to reach six wins, and thanks to Green Bay’s win over the disgusting and detestable New York Jets, New England now has first place in the AFC all to themselves. By the way, they are 3-0 without Moss.

By Paul M. Banks

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Disappearing Act of Vikings WR Bernard Berrian

Bernard Berrian was brought to the Vikings from the Chicago Bears with a lot of promise and expectations for future success. To say that he has been a bust is a major understatement. He continued his unsuccessful ways during Sunday’s win over the Dallas Cowboys.

According to the NFL’s website, the receiver had one catch for four yards. He also committed a key penalty at a crucial point in the game. Berrian is in his seventh season out of Fresno State who only has six receptions for forty two yards all season. He should be able to compile these statistics in a half, not in five complete games.

By Patrick Herbert

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