Brad Childress: A Complete Laughing Stock


Given his lack of credibility and ineffectiveness in leadership, Vikings Coach Brad Childress should be in Washington; and not with the Redskins.

Chili came to a boiling point earlier this week when Percy Harvin exchanged words with the head coach regarding his sprained ankle. To say that this organization is not a NFL team and instead a soap opera would be a disservice to its level of dysfunction. Prior to his release, Randy Moss was more friendly with a man (Bill Belichick) who traded him for a third round pick than he was with his current leader.

By Patrick Herbert

Brett Favre set the precedent for the season when he didn’t attend training camp in Mankato once again. This allowed others to follow suit, including star playmaker Percy Harvin missing large chunks of the preseason with his migraines. It’s difficult for a medical staff or coaches to determine if a player is credible with his injury claims.

A lot of decisions with NFL rosters are simply made by how much pain the player can tolerate. On Friday during the altercation, Childress obviously felt that Harvin needed to man up. This may be the case, but it could also be that that Brett Favre has hurt his team over his career by playing too often with injuries that should have kept him on the sidelines.

It is a fine line that separates stubbornness and toughness.

More evidence of Childress’ buffoonery came after the Green Bay Packers game. He had some issues with the officiating crew in that contest. In the days that followed, Childress came out in the press stating that the referees admitted committing an error in judgment. This provided a hefty fine for Childress.

Randy Moss did not provide a full effort on every play during his stint with the Vikings. This was never more clear than during the Patriots game when Favre attempted to reach him over the top for a sure six points. Moss didn’t even make an attempt for the pass even though it was within his reach. As was mentioned earlier, showing up and participating is infectious-so is effort.

Moss should have been suspended or benched following his restaurant tirade. The release came as a shock to Vikings fans and especially to owner Zygi Wilf.

Who provides ownership in a manner very dissimilar to that of Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones, yet he still has been spending a lot of time at Winter Park this week. It is undoubtedly because he is concerned with the unraveling of the team. He allegedly wasn’t even consulted prior to the release of Moss. The timing of that transaction is extremely confusing considering that Sidney Rice is still not available to suit up and take the field. He is closer to game playing condition, but there is still some time needed for him to get back into shape and test the waters.

The one bright spot continues to be running back Adrian Peterson. Hopefully Chili doesn’t find some way to screw up his productivity. Thankfully for the sake of the offense, Peterson is intrinsically motivated-

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