Who do Minnesota Vikings Draft at #3 Overall?


Everyone knows Andrew Luck is going first overall to the Indianapolis Colts. When his name is called on draft day it will be as big a surprise as the day former Menudo member and late ’90s pop star Ricky Martin officially came out of the closet.

The real draft begins at number two. And gets more interesting at number three and so on.

What will the Vikings do? With Christian Ponder, last year’s #1 pick under center, I can’t see them going quarterback. Yes, he has a lot to learn, and a long way to go to reach that ceiling, but he’s the future. Also, Matt Barkley decided to stay in school, and I believe if you can’t get Luck or Barkley, than the Vikes might as well stay with the girl they brought to the dance. Robert Griffin III and Landry Jones are fine prospects, but I don’t think they’ll punt on Ponder for those guys.

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Vikings Cut Donovan McNabb: New Chicago Bears QB?


Is it time for embattled QB Donovan McNabb to come home? The Chicago product from Mt. Carmel high school has always drawn an excessive amount of criticism, and in my opinion not always deservedly so. He has over a 60% career completion rate and he doesn’t traditionally throw a lot of interceptions.

And only four current NFL Hall-of-Famers have a passer rating higher than McNabb’s that’s your fun fact of the day. (The four are Steve Young, Joe Montana, Otto Graham and Len Dawson)

To quote another Chicagoan, Kanye West, in his guest rap on the song “Talk About Our Love,”

“Now you went field running plays like Donovan McNabb before you get in the cab.”

Of course, that song was recorded in 2004, and 7 years ago McNabb had game enough to be quoted in rap lyrics. He isn’t that good today.

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Vikings Begin New Era: Rookie QB Christian Ponder to Start Sunday

With the Chicago Bears destroying the Minnesota Vikings tonight 39-10, the Vikes O got some quality garbage time, and you know what that means- second stringer playing time.

Donovonn McNabb got pulled in favor of rookie quarterback Christian Ponder, who made his NFL debut in the second half of Sunday night’s loss.

Ponder, the 12th overall pick out of Florida State, came in early in the fourth quarter and finished 12-18 for 99 yards.

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Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings: Brutally Honest Game Preview

jay cutler blitzed

You know those two undefeated NFC North teams? The only two perfect teams remaining in the NFL? These are……..not them. The Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions have already put some distance between themselves and these two teams, so Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings in prime time Sunday night is a battle for third place!

Excited yet? I have tickets downstairs to this one, so I better be excited. Or get myself excited.

At the very least, I can point out three dead men walking in this game: Bears WR Roy Williams, Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz and Vikings QB Donovonn McNabb. 2011 will likely be the last stop for the NFL career train.

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How Can the Minnesota Vikings Actually Win a Game?

The teams that met from the NFC North on Sunday in Minneapolis seem to be heading in vastly different directions. The Lions are a youthful and exuberant bunch, while the Vikings are a beaten down lackadaisical squad. I have some suggestions for Leslie Frazier on how Minnesota can join their divisional foes in the win column.

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Detroit Lions 3-0: Coming Through In Crunch Time

The Minnesota Vikings staged a second half collapse for the second week in a row. Last game, the team fell prey to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this week to an improved Detroit Lions. Given how impressive Detroit has looked in going 3-0, perhaps that’s progress. With all of his recent success, Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz should be negotiating for a contract extension right now. Then again for the Vikings, blowing a twenty point halftime lead cannot be considered a morale victory no matter who the opponent.

Hard to consider anything positive in that.

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Vikings Safety Tyrell Johnson Charged with 4th Degree DWI

It’s not quite the “Love Boat” scandal, but another Minnesota Vikings player is in the news for a drunk driving charge. Wasn’t the last DUI just a couple weeks ago? Yes it was.

Today’s offender is Safety Tyrell Johnson who taken in at 3:17 a., and released without bail at 5:28 a.m. Hasn’t he seen the episode of “How I met your Mother” centered the all true concept that anything you do after 2 a.m. is never good?

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Analyzing More Quarterback Options for the Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf obviously has his hands full with the situation concerning Mall of America Field. It is not too early, however, to start analyze possibilities at the quarterback position.

We started this exploratory process over a month ago, and you can read our preliminary findings here.

Now, with more evidence coming to light, we continue our potential QB assessment.

Joe Webb has proven thus far that he is extremely talented athletically, but raw. His decision-making ability has been suspect at best. Interim head coach Leslie Frazier is dealing with the game of out, doubtful, or probable with Brett Favre on a weekly basis. This is obviously not a recipe for long term success.

Patrick Herbert is here to give you some options for the club in the offseason.

(note this is begin re-run from December 26th)

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The Metrodome Roof Collapses; Minnesotans Lose Their Minds

I saw the reports of the Metrodome’s cave-in yesterday morning as I woke up. I was intrigued, but only because I wanted to see what the structure looked like without the giant teflon roof floating above the concrete structure. I wasn’t overly concerned with the Vikings losing a home game, because for all intensive purposes the Vikings season is over anyhow, and I was even less concerned with where the game against the Giants was going to be played. It wasn’t until my dad called me that I really began to notice the hysteria going on among my fellow Minnesotans.

By Peter Christian

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Minnesota Vikings Disastrous Season due to Injuries…Or is it?


Percy Harvin is experiencing migraine headaches; Offensive Guard Steve Hutchinson has a broken right thumb; Defensive End Ray Edwards is gimpy on a bum ankle. The aforementioned ailments are enough to send any Vikings fan running for Maalox, but Adrian Peterson also had a limited ability to make cuts due to his sprained ankle.

This is a recipe for disaster for a Minnesota Vikings team that entered Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills thirtieth in the NFL in points scored per game (17.2).

Much like the Detroit Lions, the Bills record is not indicative of their performance thus far in the season. The team would have won last weekend’s game against the Steelers, but receiver Steve Johnson dropped a sure touchdown because it was God’s fault. This accountability is refreshing in a league where receivers consistently make bad decisions and are in constant search of the spotlight.

By Patrick Herbert

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Chicago Bears: Tapping the Biggest Market In the NFL, Los Angeles? Not So Much

Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser in the NFL.

There have been no teams in the L.A. area since the Rams departed for St. Louis and the Raiders bolted to Oakland in 1995. For Roger Goodell and the rest of the brass, it’s imperative they locate an organization in the L.A. area to tap into that sizable market. Very sizable for televisions, ticket buyers, and merchandising.

The Chicago Bears have a tremendous tradition at Soldier Field and the Monsters of the Midway have a passionate following of die-hard fans who consistently brave the elements to support their squad. This is much like their brethren to the north at Lambeau Field. Even they wouldn’t appreciate any comparison to the Green Bay Packers.

The Chicago Bears are tapping the biggest market in the league because previous ownership has vacated the L.A. area for a substantial period of time and (obviously) there are two teams in the New York vicinity.

By Patrick Herbert

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Patriots Loss is Vikings Gain: Systems Do Not Trump Talent


Sometimes celebrities get caught up in their own press and are surrounded by “yes men.” In the sports world, the NFL is the king of television and ancillary revenue. Men like Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick are at the top of the spectrum in terms of power and public perception.

No coach in the league has more of a mandate to give his input to ownership and management than the alleged cheater in the Providence-Boston area. In this instance, this ability has hurt the organization and Belichick’s credibility.

The trade of Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings for a third round draft pick and a future seventh rounder is ludicrous and laughable.

As a lifelong Viking fan, I am elated to see the big play threat return to Mall of America Field for the first time since Sidney Rice played on that turf.

By Patrick Herbert

For a Patriots fan view of the trade go here

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