Breaking down the Science of Bears WR/RS Devin Hester (Video)



We know that Chicago Bears return specialist Devin Hester is “ridiculous” when it comes to returning kicks. He broke the return touchdown record Monday night versus the Minnesota Vikings, and established himself as the greatest of all time in that particular endeavor.

He also may be better at housing punt and kickoffs than anyone in history is at ever doing anything. I don’t know how much of that previous sentence is hyperbole, and how much is truth.

Hester recently took part in Red Bull’s high performance program, Bionic. The neuro-feedback program allowed a team of experts – athletic and medical – to examine his athletic ability by way of his brain’s electrical activity. By examining Hester’s brain-body connection, they were able to scientifically break down his strengths, weaknesses, and the way that an out-of-the-ordinary athlete’s mind impacts his/her performance.

Below you can watch Devin Hester go through the Red Bull high performance program, where leading scientists study the wide receiver’s body motions to help improve his performance. All of which helps make him the most feared player in the NFL.

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