Brandon Marshall: Professional Victim


Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall has done so much to rehab his image and rehab as a human being. Today erased all of that.

Marshall decided to speak on the current state of the NFL and talk about a few issues concerning him. A recent piece on ESPN’s “E:60” and Gloria Allred’s Wednesday press conference empowered the Chicago Bears wide receiver to speak Thursday afternoon.

That decision was a mistake.

What could have been a perfect moment to use his rehabilitation into a functioning member of the NFL after poor life choices turned into a session of victim-blaming and ranting. Marshall was openly bashing ESPN even though he does a weekly radio show on their Chicago affiliate, WMVP-AM 1000.

It is well documented that Brandon Marshall was involved in a volatile relationship with Rasheedah Watley while a member of the Denver Broncos. The reported domestic violence led to Marshall missing one game due to suspension. That is it. That one game that he “lost” will never compare to any physical and mental harm that he caused while in that relationship; dysfunctional or not.

After all that has been reported regarding domestic abuse at different levels within the NFL, how can the Chicago Bears allow Brandon Marshall to speak?

Marshall’s willingness to speak out is not a secret. By allowing this to happen it is obvious that the team is walking on eggshells when dealing with him. Marshall backing Roger Goodell based on two previous discussions was another misstep that could have easily been avoided by not speaking. Goodell has made it very clear by his actions that any talking about removing domestic violence and providing outlets for players to get help has been slow-moving at best.

Brandon Marshall exposed a major problem and issue with the NFL: issues are being discussed, but getting resolving them is something way beyond the horizon. Marshall is very aware of his own issues, but today’s press conference showed that he is further away from realizing and accepting responsibility for his discretions than he has led on.

Brandon Marshall did express that domestic violence is wrong and that discipline is necessary. Until he stops blaming the victims of his documented acts, he should be as far away from a microphone as Roger Goodell currently is.

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