LeBron-less Cavs Could Go from Best to Worst in East


LeBron James Heat

The Cleveland Cavaliers franchise may never fully recover from LeBron James leaving for the Miami Heat.  Look how long it has taken the Bulls to shake off the effects of Michael Jordan‘s retirement.  David Kay’s NBA season previews continues with a team that could very realistically go from the best in the Eastern Conference to the worst.

Cleveland Cavaliers (61-21 in 2009-2010)

2010-11 Projected Depth Chart:
C: Anderson Varejao/Ryan Hollins
PF: Antawn Jamison/J.J. Hickson/Leon Powe/Samardo Samuels
SF: Jamario Moon/Joey Graham/Christian Eyenga
SG: Anthony Parker/Danny Green
PG: Mo Williams/Ramon Sessions/Daniel Gibson
Head Coach: Byron Scott (1st season)

Offseason Moves:
-Cavs sign PF Samardo Samuels to 2-year deal
-Cavs sign SF Joey Graham to 2-year, $2.1 million deal
-Cavs acquire PG Ramon Sessions, C Ryan Hollins, and 2nd round pick from Timberwolves for G Delonte West and PG Sebastian Telfair
-Cavs sign G/F Christian Eyenga
-Cavs trade SF LeBron James to Heat for 2013 and 2015 first round picks.

2010-11 Team Salary: Approximately $52.8 million

Off-Season Grade: F
I will tread lightly here.  LeBron abandoned Cleveland to take his talents to Miami.  Clearly, it is an astronomical loss.  What made it even worse was owner Dan Gilbert’s open letter in which he wrote “I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA Championship before the self-titled former ‘King’ wins one.”

While I understand the emotion that Gilbert was feeling after LeBron’s announcement on public television which pretty much drove a stake into the hearts of everyone associated with the Cavs, c’mon Dan…you cannot be serious.  Not only will your team be one of the worst in the NBA this season, you did nothing to counteract LeBron’s departure.

Cleveland had little off-season flexibility and their moves included signing former first round pick Christian Eyenga, journeyman wing Joey Graham, and undrafted free agent Samardo Samuels.  The Cavs also dealt Delonte West and his MILF-like habits to Minnesota for reserves Ryan Hollins and Ramon Sessions.  YAWN!

If Gilbert was not so stubborn, he would have realized that blowing up the Cavs’ roster and starting over would give the team the best chance to start the re-building process post-LeBron.  Now the Cavs face a year of trying to figure themselves out with a several veteran players who certainly will not be a part of this franchise’s long-term plan.

LeBron James Decision

2010-2011 Outlook:
LeBron is being replaced in the starting line-up by… drum roll please… Jamario Moon.  If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.  Cleveland has a very realistic chance of going from the best team in the East to the worst.

Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison will now be relied on to take over the star roles on this team.  Only thing is neither player has proven to be able to carry a franchise during their careers and it will only become more prevalent this season.  Anderson Varejao will provide his usual effort and athleticism in the post, but will now be counted on to permanently move to center, a position that he has never really thrived at, with Shaq and Big Z no longer on the roster.

After those three players, their roster is a massive question mark. Third year player J.J. Hickson has showed some promise but where are his minutes going to come from since he is stuck playing behind Jamison and the two cannot play in the same frontcourt at the same time.  It would make the Cavs far too under-sized.  The wing play consists of a group of guys who should be nothing more than role players in the NBA.  Don’t be surprised to see a lot of Williams and Sessions playing in the same backcourt for extended minutes.

If the season plays out as I expect and the Cavs are one of the bottom feeders in the NBA, management will have to start looking towards the future.  Williams has a player option after this season and could receive a lot of interest from other teams.  Jamison is scheduled to make more than $15 million in 2011-2012 so do not be surprised if the Cavs try to dump his contract for an expiring deal and draft picks.

Sorry to add to the dismay of the past several months, but it will not get any easier once the season starts.

Looking Ahead to Next Summer:
Since the Cavs delayed the inevitable this summer as I previously mentioned, and refused to start the re-building process, I fully expect that transition to happen next off-season.  Depending on what happens with Williams’ contract situation and a few other players who have options on the final year of their deals, the Cavs should have a large chunk of cap space to work with next off-season.  If they are smart and deal Williams and/or Jamison, they should also have an extra first round pick or two to speed up that process.

However, I see a Michael Jordan-like situation playing out in Cleveland.  When MJ retired from the Bulls, no star player wanted to come to Chicago and try to replace the legend.  What superstar will be willing to come to the Cavs and live in the massive shadow left behind by LeBron?  Cleveland will run into that exact obstacle every time they try to lure a big name free agent.  This franchise has A LOT of questions and concerns about their long-term future.  Damn you, LeBron!

NBA Power Ranking: 28th

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  1. Miami Heat Shirts says

    Who would want to go to Cleveland, REGARDLESS of LeBron’s shadow?

    HE was only there because he was born in Ohio – if it wasn’t for that – He woulda been outta there WAY earlier

  2. paulmbanks says

    I’m not going to bash cleveland here. it’s been done enough. I’ve done it enough, but I see your analogy with the MJ situation. It’s going to be a long hard road

  3. paulmbanks says

    As much as I hate LeBron, and I think The Decision was the dumbest thing in history, I wanted to side with Dan Gilbert when he wrote his 14 year old getting her boyfriend stolen away by a rival girl style letter.

    but then you’re right, the cavs will SUCK, so he just looks more foolish. PLus Gilbert is a guy who made his fortune owning Quicken Loans- which means he made gazillions selling people loans to the homeless, and he’s pretty much an immoral evil bastard, right on par (financial pun intended) with the AIG, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, bond rating agencies etc. so he can burn in hell for helping create the current economic mess too.

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