Dallas Mavericks 105, Miami Heat 95, Game 6: Dirk, Mavs Uber Alles



Well, I guess we know who took the “talent vs. team” argument. It’s hard not to bring up “The Decision” and the utterly stupid Miami Heat what should have been a press conference but instead became an absurdly pre-emptive and arrogant pseudo-championship rally. It’s not Key Lime, but instead humble pie that’s being served in south Florida right now.

Wade at that rally: “arguably the greatest trio to ever play basketball together.”

My response to Dwyane, to quote Barack Obama describing Kanye West after the Taylor Swift VMA incident: “well, he’s a jackass.”

-Yes Dirk Nowitzki, the pride of Wurzbrug Germany, had a HORRIBLE shooting game, but he made some key buckets down the stretch. Did you see that Lebron? A former MVP EXCELLING in crunch time, not shrinking from it.

-17 years, and Jason Kidd finally gets his title. He’s walking lesson for you youngsters out there in perseverance and dedication.

By Paul M. Banks

dirk nowitzki

-I hope you really enjoyed this NBA Finals series, I know I did. And I truly hope you enjoyed this NBA season- it was one for the ages. And we have to relish it because this lockout is officially on July 1st. And it’s going to get UGLY. REALLY UGLY. We may not have a 2011-12 season, and it’s a very realistic possibility we don’t have a 2012-13 season. So this could be the last basketball we see for awhile.

-I’m not going to even bother ripping on Lebron right now. Everyone else has done enough of it. I guess the reporter that Bron-Bron “handled,” you know the guy that asked him about choking? That member of the media must be feeling some redemption tonight.

-Dallas did at the line, and behind the arc. That’s how they won the last two, and how they won the series, by making their threes, and their free throws.

Finally, some observations from the Twitterverse.

Starting with my own:

-daw who door rays, daw who door rays, welcome welcome heat elimination day” I think my heart just grew 3 sizes today with this mia loss

-If Dallas holds on, do we have a Comic Sans font, gloating letter in word doc on the way from Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert?

-tell me again why they made rock ’em sock ’em robots into a movie?

-Coming May 2013 “Chia Pet: the Movie” “In a world where pottery is static, one piece of glassware dares to GROW”

-BAREA! “once you go Rican, you never go seekin”

-JerodMSF Jerod Morris
When did LeBron James turn into Christian Watford?

-mattlindner Matt Lindner
ok, there’s a camera in germany and a camera in dallas…please, pick up the ABC affiliate in Cleveland’s live feed…

-foxsportsreiter Bill Reiter by TheBigLead
When this is over, if Dallas does indeed win, LeBron James is a man without a country.

-JerodMSF Jerod Morris
Dear ESPN, please disregard your instincts and talk more about the Mavs than LeBron tonight. Singed, Everyone.

-bryanvickroy Bryan Vickroy

“Hey lebron: tell me how my ass taste” -Dirk doing karaoke to Shaq’s infamous rap

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  1. miami lover says

    just cuz the heat lost doesnt give u the right to talk smack about them…your team aint all that and a bag of cookies either

  2. paulmbanks says

    The Heat eliminated my team- I admit that freely. but then again the Bulls didn’t have a championship rally in July to introduce Kyle Korver, Carlos Boozer and Ronnie Brewer.

    And Derrick Rose didn’t say he was going to 7 championships

  3. I’m not a huge Lebron fan, but you people are just as bad, if not worse than anything Lebron did. He makes one mistake and you’ll never forgive him. Kobe raped a girl, Ron Artest beat up a fan, Wilt Chamberlain impregnated countless women, and hundreds of players cheat on their wives … but a few silly off-court antics makes you this angry at one man? The Heat lost, you got what you wanted. Don’t be a sore winner. Get over it already.

  4. First of all – congrats, Mavs! Congrats Dallas! Congrats Dirk! But the headline sounds a bit politcally incorrect for me as a german . “Über alles” is a bad phrase of the five darkest years of the german history – and it has nothing to do with a sport event or our behaviour in the past fifty years. We are not worse or better than everyone else. We just to give our best in respect to others. Sorry for the critics. Go Mavs! Go Dallas!

  5. paulmbanks says


    first off, congrats on the big win! American television showed all the people celebrating in Wurzburg. A huge victory for the people of your country.

    And, I do apologize if you were offended by the headline. Was not my intention at all. My understanding/knowledge of the phrase “uber alles” is not connected to Hitler, but is instead more in line with the national anthem, articulated by this definition:

    uber alles (correctly written in German “ueber alles”) has nothing to do with the Nazis, but was a line of a poem written in 1841 which was used for the German National Anthem. It does not translate as “above all” (that would be “ueber allen”) but rather “more than anything else”, as in “ich liebe Dich ueber alles in der Welt” (I love you more than anything else in the world). A misleading translation was purposely chosen by the Allies during the second world war for propaganda purposes.


    As an American with deep German bloodlines (Wittenberg) despite the very Anglicized surname, and as someone who studied abroad in Berlin, I assure you that I am as much a Germanophile as anyone, and I had no intention of offending your country. (hence the flag leading off the post)

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