Dallas Mavericks 112, Miami Heat 103 Game 5: Taking my Talents to Wurzburg


CENTURY MARK in this finals! Finally a game with a real legit NBA final score. Yes, this was by far the best game to watch of the series, and one of the best Finals games in a long while. This lived up to all the hype! And I loved it because America’s Non-Team lost. Everyone I follow on Twitter seems to be Dallas Mavericks fans, but they’re actually just anyone-who’s-playing-the Miami Heat fans.

-Two points for Lebron James in the 4th quarter? Again a no-show in the final stanza! a decisive swing game five in the NBA Finals, the biggest stage, and this is what you get? He has eleven total points in the 4th quarter of this series’ 5 games 11! SERIOUSLY. Best player in the league MY ASS! And as for the Lebron-MJ comparisons…see graphic above.

By Paul M. Banks
Dirk Nowitzki‘s hometown is Wurzbug, Germany (pictured above) in case you wondered about the title of this post. So far it’s clearly been Deutchsland over Miami, as one former MVP has greatly out-played another. You know who I’m talking about. And Dirk seems to play well with others, unlike LBJ.
-Why does James play so much better with Wade on the bench? That’s very troublesome for Heat fans (if any true fans actually exist) moving forward.

-All these ads for the “Green Lantern” movie, but WHO CARES about that comic book? No one ever read it, so why the clamoring to make it into a film? DON’T CARE! No one is going to see it, no matter how badly they try to ram this crap down our throats.

-Jason Kidd! What a story this has become. Even before hitting that big three down the stretch. He’s an ageless wonder, and one of the more likable guys in today’s league.

-But maybe the hero of heroes was Jason Terry. As awful as he was in games one and three. He hit the DAGGER tonight! It was worth “the Jet” move and the trash talk. He’s earned it.

From the Twitterverse:

SLAMonline SLAM Magazine

Wade probably goes to sleep to the sound of boos #clutch

JerodMSF Jerod Morris

I am not being a prisoner of the moment when I say that this is the most thrilling Finals I can remember,

darrenrovell darren rovell

35.8% of US consumers know who Dirk Nowitzki is, according to the Davie Brown Index (DBI). More than 81% know who LeBron is.

loadobull Alex Sonty

The way Dallas is passing strong-to-weak 2-3 times in possessions is awesome to watch.

hoopshype HoopsHype.com

One would say LeBron James plays more comfortable out there without Dwyane Wade.


mattlindner Matt Lindner

Mike Bibby on the floor in crunch time. ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 MIAMI HEAT!!!

walterfootball Walter Cherepinsky

This sucks: My cable was out the whole night. It finally came on 20 mins ago when Van Gundy said, “This is the best finals game ever.” FML

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  1. Miami has to figure out how to get Lebron more involved, he’s being way too tentative. Deferring to Wade does not mean he has to be tentative. However, with the way the Mavs were shooting, I’m not sure it really mattered. They put on a offensive clinic: great shots and few turnovers.


  2. At great moments like this great players step up to the
    Plate and dominate when it really matters like the great ones
    Did years before…Jordan, Magic, Bird Kobe all took the
    Challenge and over came and won. Now all this talk about
    Labron being great is a bunche of crap, don’t get me wrong
    He is a good player but to be called or even try to compare
    Him with the great ones….don’t even. Labron even admitted
    That he couldn’t do it and was Hopeing to hide somewhere.
    His tweet of now or never I guess it will be never.

  3. CubanCigar says

    35.8% of US consumers know who Dirk Nowitzki is, according to the Davie Brown Index (DBI). More than 81% know that LeBron is a choker!

  4. paulmbanks says

    I think Lebron is a lot more unsure of himself and his ability than any of us realize or want to realize. I’m sure he’s happy with hsi life, and having hi superstar status, but I don’t think he’s very confident and comfortable in the burdens and expectations that come with it.

    The fact that he wanted to go somewhere where he could defer t someone else says a lot. The fact that he let his handlers, agents, spin-masters, posse, entourage influence his decisions as much as they have SAYS A LOT.

    He should be more sure of himself to stop things like “The Decision” from happening and ruining his public perception. He has a billion dollar brand, but I think he really is the guy in the Nike “what should I do?” ad. That’s his true personality- IMHO

    And now if/when he wins a championship, he’ll always be known as a guy who couldn’t do it as #1 guy on his team

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