Heat 92, Mavericks 84, NBA Finals Game 1: Do We Really Have to?


-I hate to be a fatalist even though it’s just game one, but really? 73% of NBA Finals game 1 winners have gone on to take the series. And the Dallas Mavericks uncanny run of dominance over the Miami Heat only seems to apply in regular-season games.

-Dallas led after the first quarter, despite shooting just 29%. They led all the way into the 3rd quarter before collapsing. And it was yet another reminder that the Heat have not lost at home this postseason. Seriously, do we really have to watch the Heat take this title? Is it inevitable?

-Have you puked on your shoes from the thought of that yet? Or have you only just thrown up in your mouth from the thought of Lebron and company winning it all?

By Paul M. Banks


-Jason Terry has 12 points in the first half.

-Jason Terry had 12 total points in the game, that’s a sign right there into what happened in the final 24 minutes.

-J.J. Barea, America’s Sweetheart this NBA postseason went 1-8, and Dirk was an ugly 7-18 from the floor, so let’s pass the blame around.

-Brian Cardinal, the former Purdue Boilermakers forward who played like 10 years in college basketball (or so it seemed) and was bald by the time he was 20 (or so it seemed) is still in the NBA?

-Wilson Chandler’s missed dunk in the 3rd quarter was a turning point in the game. Proud moment for all DePaul Blue Demons right?

-For no reason at all here’s our Carly Foulkes (T-Mobile Girl) photo gallery

-I guess Rachel Nichols (Diane Sawyer’s daughter-in-law) and the Heat go together like burgers and fries. Or Jim Tressel and lying about NCAA infractions! Hey-yo!

–Bulls center Joakim Noah said the Heat were “Hollywood as hell.” Fair enough, but what about ESPN’s Doris Burke? She’s seems to have had a serious makeover, Hollywood style. You find her more attractive now?

-Aliens and Cowboys? Or Aliens versus Cowboys? WTF? That’s a conceptual nightmare.

-Why should you hate the Heat? How about that “yes we did” bullshit from their July 9th pep rally. First they ripped off Obama’s slogan, and they did it in a manner of declaring themselves NBA champions; in the summer before the season started.

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