Dallas Mavericks 86, Miami Heat 83 Game 4: Welcome to the Good Life



-That was the first time since Jan. 5, 2007 that LeBron James was held below double-digits. It’s the first time in 90 NBA playoff games that James was held to single digits. We witnessed history! Welcome to the Good Life! Summertime ahhhhhhh. The Dallas Mavericks are back in this, we don’t have to concede a title to the Miami Heat just yet.

-I hope a reporter asked Lebron about his non-existence in the 2nd quarter. (Wade and James had zero points in the quarter until the final minutes of the second stanza) Asking LBJ about 4th quarter disappearance is so cliche and 2010.

-Only once (1956) was there a closer total margin through four games in an NBA Finals. That series was a cumulative of 11. This series has seen a point differential of just 15 so far. Mostly, all four games have been ugly and blah, but the finishes have been sublime and transcendent.

-Chris Bosh had 16 at halftime, and finished 9-19 form the field. Dwyane Wade was 13-20 and Miami loses? That’s a GREAT sign for the Mavericks.

By Paul M. Banks

-What the hell was the announcer talking about in the third quarter when he said Dwyane Wade is the 3rd best shooting guard of all time? Behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant (but he’s a three, not a two. I mean I can see why you can sometimes classify him as a two, but he’s a natural three) This is an insane statement- what about Rolando Blackman? Dale ellis? Dell curry? Ron Harper? Vinny Del Negro? Pete Myers?

-As you can tell I’m obviously joking in citing those names, because none of them are even close to the player Wade is, but c’mon third best two guard? Let’s not go nuts. Top ten yes. Top five possibly.

-Dirk Nowitzki (in spite of the 6-19)is more important to the Mavs than Beyonce was to Destiny’s Child. “I don’t think you’re ready for this jam….”

-I guess Jason Terry would be to Mavericks what Oates is to Hall, Garfunkel to Simon, Ringo to the rest of the Beatles. He really had been having an AWFUL series. And he had his best game tonight. Despite the 6-15.

-DeShawn Stevenson a trending term in Chicago? Holla!

-From the Twitterverse

hoopshype HoopsHype.com

Wow, Wade. Way to blow a great game in the last play.

BoiledSports Boiled Sports

That was the most wonderfully appropriate finish to a crappy game ever.

kitcat356 Cat Smith

OMG OMG OMG WE DID IT!!! And apparently Dirk had a 102 degree fever!!!

mattlindner Matt Lindner

Jesus. rare that the NBA takes my breath away but…yeah, that’ll do it.

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