Comedian Lindsay Glazer on Scottie Pippen’s “Evolving” M.J. vs Lebron Stances


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Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has been retired for over a decade, but in 2019 he’s just as relevant as ever. The new year has seen Pippen consistently in the headlines for a host of different reasons. Last month he gave his take on Duke freshman and NBA super-prospect Zion Williamson, suggesting the blue chip frosh ditch the Blue Devils in midseason to start preparing for the NBA Draft.

This was before the Nike shoe fail incident leading to Williamson’s minor injury, so let’s give Pippen some credit on that one. Last week saw Pippen trending again as he “evolved” his opinion on the ultra-stale Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James “debate” for the umpteenth time. We asked comedian Lindsay Glazer (Woloshin) for her take on that news story, and a couple more Scottie Pippen related topics.

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Glazer has been sued by Pippen, as the former Chicago Bull claims the comedian and her family did $100,000 worth of damages to his Ft. Lauderdale mansion. Glazer and her family leased the 9,782 square-foot property, currently on the market for $9.8 million, after their permanent home was damaged by Hurricane Irma.

The Pippen complaint alleges that Glazer and her family, while leasing the property for $30,000, stole a set of Cuisinart knives worth $14. Glazer has since trolled Scottie Pippen with a GoFundMe campaign, to raise the $14 required to replace his missing Cuisinart steak knives.

All funds raised from the campaign will be donated to the Fisher House Foundation, which supports members of the military.

You can follow Glazer on Instagram: lindsayglazercomedy, Facebook lindsayglazercomedy and Twitter (see below):

A transcript of our email interview with Lindsay Glazer is below, enjoy!
Q. What is the latest on your legal dispute with Scottie Pippen? Or, what’s the latest that you are at liberty to discuss in public. As I’m not a lawyer, I don’t really know how these things work.
A. The first motions for the Pippen case haven’t been heard yet but a series of three motions will be heard in March. The court filings are public record so anyone can follow along. The case is unfortunate though as I am from Peoria, Illinois and grew up a giant Bulls fan; with my dad often driving us up to Chicago on the weekends to see the games.
Q. What was your take on Scottie’s evolving opinion on the Michael Jordan vs Lebron James debate?
A. I worshipped Michael Jordan like everyone else; Pippen came with the territory. I will say that Pippen is right in that Jordan was playing a different game with a different team although Jordan, like Lebron, got treated differently by the referees. Jordan could take an extra step and no one says boo, but Jordan also wasn’t expected to carry his team as much as Lebron has and is.

At the same though, six rings don’t lie.

Q. They are many theories out there as to why his stance keeps shifting, with the prevailing notion being his mind changes with how he’s feeling about his days as Robin to M.J.’s Batman; your take?
A. I understand why people don’t like how Pippen shifts his opinion so much. It makes it difficult to know what he is really thinking and what you can trust but, it’s probably much simpler than what most people suspect.

There are a lot of people who don’t like Pippen for whatever reason, or the interactions that they have  had with him. Also, Jordan and Lebron are colleagues and friends (sometimes) and he has no reason to piss off people that he has a history with who can both help and/or hurt his career; so he is just doing what a politician would do- acting diplomatic.

Or he can just see it through a different lens on a different day.


Q. M.J. vs Lebron is probably the worst beaten, most dead horse in all of sports media- what would be the comedy bit equivalent?

A. There is really no equivalent to MJ v. LeBron that I can think of in the comedy world. There are premises we all agree are hacky which include any time a guy comic yells “amiriteladies” or “ladies be shopping” or “this race/gender/ridiculous stereotype is like this and that one is like that” or anything about airplane food etc.

And most of us agree on who the greats are: Pryor, Hicks, Chappelle, Bill Burr, Paula Poundstone, and tons of other comics I am currently forgetting to mention because I am busy. Very busy. :)

And as far as “beating a dead horse,” well, we all know that story in the comedy world and everyone can draw their own conclusions.

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