Scottie Pippen Lawsuit Against Comedian Lindsay Glazer Hilariously Backfiring



On the court, Scottie Pippen is widely considered the second greatest Chicago Bull of all time, behind only Michael Jordan. Off the court he has a reputation (“No Tipping Pippen”) as not being the most awesome guy in the world. (All we know for sure is that he’s an AWFUL interview subject– so BORING!) There are plenty of negative rumors and un-flattering stories about him floating around out there, and some of them became a lot more believable ever since he sued comedian Lindsay Glazer (Woloshin).

Right now, it looks like filing that lawsuit was a huge mistake, as it’s starting to create a PR disaster for ol’ #33. Pippen is suing Glazer and her husband after the couple rented his Ft. Lauderdale mansion, and according to his attorney, totally trashed the place.


Pippen’s attorney filed suit in Broward County, Florida (get ready, because this story is going to get more “Florida Man” as we go along here) alleging that Glazer (Woloshin) and her family had caused over $100,000 in damage during their time as tenants.

Glazer and her family leased the 9,782 square-foot property, currently on the market for $9.8 million, after their permanent home was damaged by Hurricane Irma.

The lawsuit put forth by Scottie Pippen and his attorney has a lot of issues, including its misrepresentation of Glazer as a member of the rich and powerful famous Glazer family (reported net worth approximately $4.5 billion), who own both Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are worth approximately $4.5 billion.

Pictured below is the late Malcolm Glazer, family patriarch.

malcolm glazer

“If I’m a member of that Glazer family, that’s news to me,” Glazer Woloshin said via a statement through her publicist.

“If that were the case, we would have leased from Michael Jordan instead.”


Wow! Did Pippen just get owned on that one-liner. With a public statement like that you can see why Glazer Woloshin is a very accomplished comedian, and one that performs under the stage name Alphabitch. Also, she is not the comedian Nikki Glaser; who recently had a series on Comedy Central. 

She is pictured below, and we point this out right now just to make sure that Scottie Pippen and his attorney don’t make any further mistakes of that nature.


Now here’s where it gets even weirder, funnier, and then even takes on a philanthropic angle. The Pippen complaint alleges that Glazer and her family, while leasing the property for $30,000, stole a set of Cuisinart knives worth $14.

Yes, “order now and receive a set of steak knives!”

Glazer has since trolled Scottie Pippen again, by starting GoFundMe campaign, to raise the $14 required to replace his missing Cuisinart steak knives. The campaign, which was launched a week ago, has raised over $700, with all of the funds to be donated to the Fisher House Foundation, which supports members of the military.

All kidding aside, the Fisher House Foundation is a wonderful organization, which helps military members, their families and veterans and we wanted to use this exposure for something good,” said Glazer (who is pictured below).

lindsey glazer

“To add to this, I am also personally going to match up to $2,000 of the final amount donated.”

It’s worth noting that Glazer in addition to being a comedian, is also an attorney and current member of the Florida Bar Association.

“Ultimately, we have no intention on paying the amount demanded by Pippen and we will aggressively defend the lawsuit,” Glazer said. “However, I did say if more than $14 was raised via the GoFundMe, I would send Scottie a set of Cuisinart knives since he can’t seem to find his, so I will make sure to do so, as soon as the lawsuit is resolved and our legal counsel deems it appropriate.”

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  1. “If I’m a member of that Glazer family, that’s news to me,” Glazer Woloshin said via a statement through her publicist.

    “If that were the case, we would have leased from Michael Jordan instead.”

  2. Yeah that was so funny! Not!!

  3. Yeah she seems real smart by leasing… Why not just own?! I see why she’s a comedian. Because that’s a joke.

  4. Joe Momma says

    Again the media backing one of the “own” people. The woman and her degenerate family damaged the mans house. Let their 5 year old scrawl markers all over everything. Imagine if kid wasn’t Jewish and was black. The narrative wouldn’t be picking on Scottie for being on Jordan’s team, it would be what degenerate parents and animals they were. Exactly what this no talent comedian is.

  5. Willis Antwan Ballou says

    this article is stupid

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