Comedian Lindsay Glazer on Scottie Pippen’s “Evolving” M.J. vs Lebron Stances

scottie pippen lindsay glazer

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has been retired for over a decade, but in 2019 he’s just as relevant as ever. The new year has seen Pippen consistently in the headlines for a host of different reasons. Last month he gave his take on Duke freshman and NBA super-prospect Zion Williamson, suggesting the blue chip frosh ditch the Blue Devils in midseason to start preparing for the NBA Draft.

This was before the Nike shoe fail incident leading to Williamson’s minor injury, so let’s give Pippen some credit on that one. Last week saw Pippen trending again as he “evolved” his opinion on the ultra-stale Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James “debate” for the umpteenth time. We asked comedian Lindsay Glazer (Woloshin) for her take on that news story, and a couple more Scottie Pippen related topics.

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Michael Jordan’s $29 million home still up for sale


Michael Jordan built a ginormous estate with a full indoor basketball court on Windy Hill lane located just north of the Windy City. In the more nouveau riche than old money North Shore suburb of Highland Park is where you’ll find a domicile listed for sale by real estate company Baird & Warner for the sum of $29 million.

It’s a mansion with an eye-popping 32,683 square footage, complete with a #23 on the gate so you know the Chicago Bulls lives there. Amenities featured in the listing:

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Kobe Bryant is just the Remix of Michael Jordan, not 2nd Coming


Kobe Bryant is the closest prototype to Michael Jordan, or what I like to sat Kobe is “the remix” of Michael Jordan.

Question: What does it take to defeat this prototype of Michael Jordan?

My answer to this inquiry last summer was “Terminators 3” starring Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh.

I was wrong. The answer is the Dallas Mavericks with Jason Terry tying a playoff record with nine 3-pointers, and the club matching NBA postseason marks with 11 3s in the first half and 20 for the game. Dallas made 63 percent of its shots from behind the arc (20 of 32) and 60 percent of its field goals (44 of 73).

That, my friend is how you take down Kobe Bryant.

By West Lamy

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