Yankees Slam Papa John’s Founder, Suspend Partnership in Response to N-Word Scandal



The massive fallout for pizza company Papa John’s and their founder John Schnatter continued Friday as the New York Yankees joined the list of businesses distancing themselves from the currently radioactive brand.

The Yankees suspended their current partnership with the pizza chain and blasted Schnatter’s remarks which recently came to light as “reprehensible.” Schnatter resigned as chairman of the Papa John’s board on Wednesday, after Forbes reported the pizza magnate’s having used the N-word during a media training exercise in May.

Schnatter, infamous for his far-right political views, reportedly complained that Kentucky Fried Chicken Founder Colonel Sanders never faced a backlash for using the N-word.

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This came in response to Schnatter’s being asked how he would distance himself from hate groups (which commonly align themselves with the same type of #MAGA and #AmericaFirst views to which Schnatter subscribes)

A statement released late afternoon by the New York Yankees on Friday reads:

“In response to the reprehensible remarks made by Papa John’s founder and owner, the New York Yankees are suspending their relationship with the company.”

Additionally, Major League Baseball is suspending their current partnerships with Papa John’s. Schnatter, who remains on the company’s board and still retains majority ownership, will also see his image removed from the corporate logo and from the boxes that their pizzas are packaged in.

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Meanwhile the University of Louisville will remove “Papa John” from their stadium name and rename the business school building that bares Schnatter’s name.

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