Mickey Mantle Wrote Yankees About His Stadium Sex Act (Photos of Letter)

The following Mickey Mantle tawdry tale of a stadium sex act has been “out there” for some time. It is even mentioned on the Mickey Mantle Wikipedia page. That said, it’s somehow still very obscure, and it is not every day that a source sends you photos of the very letter in which Mantle himself engages in “locker room talk” with the organization that employed him.

The Mick was so shameless in retirement that in 1973, when the Yankees sent several of their most iconic players questionnaires, seeking their favorite moments at Yankee Stadium, he got very snarky and provided TMI.

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Travelogue: Visiting the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Iowa


The moral of the 1988 Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams is that no matter what happens between a parent and child, the possibility of redemption always exists. The movie’s plot revolves around an ex-hippy turned farmer in Iowa who hears voices in his cornfield telling him to build a ball field on his property.

In doing so, the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven members of the banished 1919 Chicago White Sox or “Black Sox” will return. At the end of the movie, you learn that the true meaning of the voice telling Ray Kinsella: “if you build it, he will come.”

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Yankee Stadium Cat is Athletic, Sign Him Up (Videos)


There is no doubt about who was the MVP for the New York Yankees on Monday night- the cat that got loose on the Yankee Stadium field. He (we don’t know yet if it’s a he or a she, but we’ll just go with he for the time being for brevity and clarity sake) delayed the game for over four minutes as the stadium stuff just couldn’t corral the kitty.

Down 7-1 to the hapless Baltimore Orioles, the Yankees fans on hand took to chanting “Let’s Go Cat” and “M-V-P!” while the feline was out on the prowl through left field.

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Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees: Trade Analysis, Best Twitter Reactions

anthony-rizzo cubs convention

You knew this day was coming, for a very long time, Chicago Cubs fans. However, it still really hurts, maybe more than we thought it even would, to see an era come to an end. Team Captain, first baseman and forever club legend Anthony Rizzo is gone. And that means Bryzzo is no more.

Aside from his vaccine ignorance and the dangerous recklessness that stance inspires, it’s almost impossible to say anything bad about #44, a man who represented himself and the organization very well.

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2021 MLB Mock Draft Final Edition 7-11-21

The Major League Baseball Draft is July 11-13, being staged in conjunction with the All-Star Game in Colorado. Welcome to our final 2021 MLB mock draft.

Far as we know, we’re the only mom and pop shop, small business style site on the whole world wide web that does a mock draft for all four major sports. Here’s the links to the latest mocks for the NFL, NBA and NHL.

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Yankees 3B Coach Phil Nevin Has Covid-19 ‘Breakthrough’ Positive

Fully vaccinated New York Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin has tested positive for Covid-19. This is what is known as a “breakthough positive” case. While the vaccines all have a very high efficacy rate, they’re not 100%, so these things do happen.

Nevin, who began his professional baseball career as the first overall pick in the 1992 MLB Draft, is currently in isolation while the team continues contact tracing. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said the tracing doesn’t involve any players, and he expects the game tonight at the Tampa Bay Rays to go on as scheduled.

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Top Five Sporting Events in New York City

Sporting events are great fun to watch, whether you are with family or friends. There is great energy present throughout the venue as well as the duration of the event. Amidst loud cheers and echoing excitement, you and your loved ones can have a great time. If you are visiting New York City, take some time to visit one or more of its many sporting events.

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Yankees, White Sox Set Great MLB Example Regarding COVID Vaccine

As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to rollout across the country, some Major League Baseball teams are doing a much better job with the process than others. Obviously, MLB players, for the most part, are not typically in the categories and demographic classifications that are high risk, and therefore prioritized in the rollout.

However, at this stage in the game, most states have opened up or will soon open up to all adults, regardless of health or employment status. And while we don’t have time to go team when it comes spotlighting who’s doing right, who’s doiing wrong and who is a mixed bag. Let’s start with the New York Yankees, who are on the right side of history here.

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Yanks Announce COVID Safety Guidelines for Yankee Stadium Entry

COVID-19 is not over, just because we have three vaccines in wide circulation right now. Yes, a lot of people are getting vaccinated, everyday, but there is still a very long ways to go in terms of getting the rest of the population vaxxed. Whether youve received your shot or not, or if you’re in between doses, you still must protect yourself.

This pandemic is probably in the 6th or 7th inning right now, but if we let up, it will rage on well into extra innings. Tomorrow brings Major League Baseball opening day 2021, and with it, stringent guidelines for entry into ballparks.

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Yankee Stadium to Become Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Site on Friday

The New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium are going all out to do their part in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As of Friday, Yankee Stadium will be a mass vaccination site, with 15,000 appointments available the first week.

The announcement was made today, via the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill De Blasio. “It’s abundantly clear that Black, Latino and poor communities have been hit the hardest by COVID, and the Bronx is no exception,” Governor Cuomo said.

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Derek Jeter Rookie Cards: Top 3 Cards, Worth and Investment Advice

derek jeter

Derek Jeter was drafted straight out of high school to the prestigious New York Yankees organization during the 1992 MLB draft. It wasn’t until 1995 that he would make his MLB debut, but from there he would never look back as he helped the Yankees to five World Series victories.

Jeter was a fourteen time All-Star and was known for his strong defense, although newer findings using advanced stats and sabermetrics may refute that claim. Besides his defense, Jeter was a strong batter that consistently hit for high averages and made smart plays.

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Yankees Dominating American League, Some Things Still Don’t Change

In this the strangest of Major League Baseball seasons, with several rule changes that are more befitting a sandlot or a kickball diamond, at least some things remain the same. At the top of that list is the New York Yankees dominating the American League.

While this #Sprintto60 MLB season transpires under unprecedented times, at least it has one thing in common with the baseball of your father’s, grandfather’s and great grandfather’s time- the Yankees are winning, and winning big.

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