How to Make the Best Baseball Picks

Deciding which team to pick in your baseball pool at work, the sports book, or even a friendly game between your friends is difficult to do, but does not have to be so difficult. Now, with that being the case you may want some help in figuring out which one of the teams you should be picking. An easy way would be to buy an experts MLB picks, which definitely would be helpful, but if it is a friendly bet between friends may not make the most sense. Instead, you need to be armed with some advice to help you in figuring out which one of the picks you should make.

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Aaron Judge Encourages the ‘uncomfortable conversations’

aaron judge

Earlier this week #BoycottMLB was a top trending hash tag on Twitter, and for your sake, I hope you did not click on it. I’m still recovering from the brain damage that I suffered upon looking at it. Almost all of the content posted with that hash tag was provided by people who completely miss the point of taking a knee during the national anthem.

Just like we saw in the NFL, when Colin Kaepernick and company kneeled during the “Star Spangled Banner,” you had legions of people who simply couldn’t understand the true point of this exercise- protesting police brutality and racial inequality. One guy who really gets it, and always has, is New York Yankees rightfielder Aaron Judge. When the San Francisco Giants knelt before an exhibition game on Tuesday night, it was a hot topic nationally.

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Yankees-Nationals Season Opener Overflowing in Political Overtones

When Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer through the first pitch tonight at Nationals Park, to New York Yankees Centerfielder Aaron Hicks, it marked the return of “big four” American sports for the first time in four months. No more preseason exhibition stuff, or just sports like substances, or competition only in the lesser known professional sports leagues.

Now we have real life 2020 regular season Major League Baseball (NYY currently leads 4-1, top of the sixth during a rain delay). And like everything else in America, this event is overflowing with political overtones. Every POTUS, with the exception of Jimmy Carter and the current one, has thrown out the first pitch on opening day since William Howard Taft.

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Aaron Boone Encourages Yankees Players Speaking Out on Social Issues

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone says his players have been “awesome” in the way they have “stimulated and “encouraged” conversation in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton, James Paxton and Gary Sanchez are among the group of current Yankee players that have strongly spoken up in support of Black Lives Matter, and Boone applauds their efforts.

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Yankees Confident Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton Will be Ready for Opening Day

aaron judge

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman gave his first media availability, via conference call, since Major League Baseball announced the start of the 2020 season this afternoon, and we had injury/fitness updates aplenty.

Cashman said he is “very optimistic” that outfielder Aaron Judge will be in the Opening Day lineup against the Washington Nationals on July 23.  The Yanks GM also expressed his belief that left-handed starter James Paxton and outfielder Aaron Hicks will be good to go for the curtain raiser as well.

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Five Most Iconic Baseball Cards of the 1980s

In this time of having to stay home more, and go out less (and even if you did go out more- where exactly are you going to go? What’s open?) nostalgia is huge. With little to nothing to put in our calendars and look forward to, it’s a time for looking back.

This, plus starting the new gig writing about baseball for Sports Illustrated’s L.A. Dodgers site, I reflected back to when I was a hard core baseball cards collector: 1985-1992. Memories of opening up my first Topps baseball wax pack are still vivid. I even set up shop as a dealer at card shows during my youth.

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Three Great Documentaries to Start Your 30 for 30 Binge


It’s a great time for watching sports documentaries. Netflix’ The Last Dance and Sunderland ‘Til I Die are among the fantastic options out there at the moment, and there are rumours of plenty more on the way. ESPN, the company behind The Last Dance, is, of course, a dab hand at making sports documentaries. And, one of its best collections is found in the stunning 30 for 30 series.  

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Betting on Hardball: Odds are still in Baseball’s Favor

October 30, 2019.

That’s the last time a Major League Baseball game was played. It’s when the Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros 6-2 in game seven of the World Series. Since then, more than 225 days have passed without a pitch, 5,400 hours have been whiled away and the world has suffered a global pandemic.

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2020 MLB Mock Draft 6-10-20 Final Edition


We don’t have any actual real sports, anywhere, for the foreseable future, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While playing games again is most likely weeks or in some cases months away, the respective drafts can still go ahead as planned, albeit in a very modified version. And that means mock drafts will go on as planned too!

With that in mind, it’s time to do your homework on all the prospects. To carry out more detailed research on these amateur players you can contact do my paper services.

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New York Yankees the New World Series Favorites as MLB Restart Plans Ramp Up

Throughout the Major League Baseball off-season and preseason, we’ve seen a trio of teams essentially take turns as the overall favorite: the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees and Houston Astros. With MLB now ramping up plans to somehow return to action in 2020, the odds are shifting once again.

Despite all the obstacles and question marks, baseball brass are reportedly optimistic that we’ll have some kind of season in 2020, and that it could begin as early as July.

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Random Cooperstown: 10 Obscure Objects to See in the Baseball Hall of Fame

There will be a time when museums are open again, and we’ll all be free to enjoy them. That time is not next week, or next month, but it will return. For now, well as Albert Camus wrote on page 67 of The Plague: “once the town gates were shut, every one of us realized that all…were, so to speak, in the same boat, and each would have to adapt himself to the new conditions of life.”

That’s now, the rest of this month, and probably May as well, but in time public events will return and destinations like the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York will re-open. When they do, I highly encourage to get out and roam. Definitely go to Cooperstown! I went last August and I wrote up the experience here and here.

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Major Challenges Facing MLB During COVID19 Pandemic

The 2020 MLB season has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many professional sports leagues, including the NHL and the NBA have taken steps to cancel the rest of their seasons. Is the coronavirus bad enough to warrant such drastic actions? Find the answer to this question and much more in the article below. 

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