Cubs Broadcast Makes Monstrous Gaffe While Promoting Women’s Empowerment Night


addison russell

If you’re not familiar with the Twitter account @_youhadonejob1, then you really need to check it out and see what you’re missing. The phrase “you only had one job” certainly applies to the producer and/or cameraman of the Chicago Cubs broadcast last night in Cincinnati.

During their win over the Reds Wednesday night, the Cubs telecast ran an in game promotion for their upcoming Women’s Empowerment Night at the ballpark. Now of the nine players on the field and the 24 on the roster, who would you NOT want to spotlight as you transition to the promo?  Well, take a look:

This is either monstrously tone deaf, or just a really careless gaffe by the Cubs broadcast crew. We’re strongly inclined to believe it’s the latter, because if it’s the former….naw, can’t be, right?

Either way, Addison Russell continues to be a member of the Cubs, and an overwhelming majority of Cubs fans are extremely upset about that, and deservedly so.

Coincidentally, this baseball broadcast blunder occurred during Women’s Founders Month (which celebrates female entrepreneurship) and at a time when women’s right and women’s health are under vicious assault in a few states.

addison russell

That is of course way beyond the scope of a baseball game between NL Central rivals, and the content of this post, but it’s worth noting that this gaffe occurred in Ohio, one of the four states that is trying to make The Handmaid’s Tale a reality right now.

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