Cubs Activate Addison Russell: Some of the More Appropriate Reaction Tweets


addison russell

It’s been a rather strange and upsetting day here in the Chicago Cubs community. It began with the club trying to draw as much publicity as possible to the fact that they were aggressively investigating the fan who flashed the white power sign at a broadcaster.

They did find him and they indeed follow through on their promise to ban him from the park for life. Why did they come down so Draconian on one anonymous racist idiot? Why did they want to bring so much public attention to their hard line response against one random white supremacist piece of trash?

Two words- Addison Russell.

The Cubs knew there would be a major backlash against their activating (and it turns out starting) Addison Russell tonight against the Miami Marlins, so they did all they could to try to dry attention away from that and towards something, anything else.

Yes, this is a day that we all knew was coming for a very long time, and something that we have had months to mentally process, but we’re still angry nonetheless.

That anger is well deserved. Here below you will see and hear the crowd react to the first plate appearance of Addison Russell. (He struck out by the way)

Now let’s take a look at a collection of some of the more appropriate Twitter responses to today’s development.

Starting out with a nice little plug for the book of course!





yeah, pretty much

Well, you get the idea- there were plenty more great tweets out there describing Addison Russell in a manner befitting Addison Russell, but we just don’t have time to get to more of them.

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