Top Five Sporting Events in New York City


Sporting events are great fun to watch, whether you are with family or friends. There is great energy present throughout the venue as well as the duration of the event. Amidst loud cheers and echoing excitement, you and your loved ones can have a great time. If you are visiting New York City, take some time to visit one or more of its many sporting events.

There are many sporting events held in New York City all around the year. There are tickets available online at sites like Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and more. Moreover, these websites also offer various online discounts through coupons and promo codes which help you save up on your ticket purchases. For example, you can score a flat 10% discount with StubHub coupons.

Top 5 Sporting Events in New York City

Take a look at the top 5 sporting events in New York City, below.

  1. US Open Tennis Championship

The most famous and popular sporting event in New York City is undoubted, the US Open Tennis Championship. Besides having a historical significance, it is an enjoyable and engaging event that is worth watching. A tennis match, and especially one of this stature, will make definitely make for a memorable moment of your trip.

Moreover, it is often visited by celebrities so you might see them if you happen to go to a game. Legendary players like Roger Federer have played at the US Open. If you want to watch interesting games that you will remember for a lifetime, you should definitely visit a match of the US Open Tennis Championship. This event is much in demand and it is best if you purchase tickets beforehand from websites like Ticketmaster.

2. Baseball Games

New York City is famous for hosting baseball games. Locals, as well as enthusiasts from all over the country, visit New York to watch their favorite teams and players in action. Various teams play games all year round and they see a great turnout from the audience. Some of the most popular and legendary sportsmen of America are baseball players. Baseball games are always filled with excitement and great energy. The matches usually take place at Madison Square Garden, a landmark venue of New York City that you must definitely visit.

Besides New York’s own teams like the Giants and the Yankees, many other teams from all over the country come to play matches at New York. You can look up the upcoming games and book tickets from Stubhub.

3. US Open Golf Championship

Golf matches can make for extremely engaging, tense, and exciting games, and what better match to attend than the US Open Golf Championships? It is one of the biggest games in the world of golf. All the big names in golf attend this match and you are sure to witness some history being made. Golf games may not attract a lot of crowds but they definitely make for a memorable watch.

Almost great names and personalities of the golfing world regularly participate in matches at the US Open Golf Championship. Nevertheless, you should also purchase tickets ahead of the game to prevent last moment rush and high prices, or worst, miss the game altogether.

4. Wrestling Matches

Whether you have previously watched a wrestling match or not, when in New York City, you should definitely take time to visit a wrestling game. There are many that are held all around New York. Some of the most popular matches in this genre are held by All Elite Wrestling. They often have matches scheduled. You can look up the dates and book accordingly, on StubHub, Ticketmaster, and more. There are other wrestling matches held at New York City too, played at various times of the year.

Wrestling matches are adrenaline-fuelled and are fun as well as entertaining to watch. The audience usually has their favorites for whom they cheer and look forward to.

5. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a unique game in itself and watching it is truly an experience. The matches are always intense on cold, unforgiving ice. Popular ice hockey teams include the Rangers, Capitals, and more. Ice hockey takes a lot of expertise in terms of technique and balance and it is equally interesting to watch.

You can search for scheduled matches on Ticketmaster or StubHub and also book your tickets. Make sure to avail of discounts through promo codes and coupons so that you can save up.



Sporting events are a great way to infuse some energy into your trip. Moreover, it is always great to watch it sharing the energy and excitement of a stadium filled with people. With online ticket-booking websites, it has gotten even more easy to attend a game. You must also avail of the host of coupons and discounts available to get seats at affordable prices.

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