Maria Sharapova Gave Leyla Fernandez a Strong Pep Talk

Former tennis great and career Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova has provided a positive pep talk to Canadian prodigy and U.S. Open finalist Leylah Fernandez. The first Russian to ever hold the #1 women’s singles ranking has advised Fernandez to bounce back from her latest setback, starting this weeked at Indian Wells for the BNP Paribas Open.

“She gave me some pretty good advice,” Fernandez, 19, told Reuters “I don’t want to disclose any of it because it’s very personal for me. She’s an amazing person.

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Consider These Sports For Betting in 2021

Online sports betting has certainly continued its trajectory as a leading wagering option for new and seasoned punters alike. In addition to the convenience of visiting your favorite betting site from your desktop or mobile device, the reason why sports betting is a popular activity is due to the incredible number of market varieties available. But the question remains: which, if any, is the best sport to bet on? Here we list some of the leading and most popular sports to wager on in 2021.

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How Covid-19 is Making Tennis a More Popular Sport

Year 2020 was badly jolted by the outbreak of coronavirus with the world’s activities disturbed hugely. From economics to business to travel to sports, everything was affected big time. The high peaks of the virus saw the lockdowns in the majority of the countries and every individual was limited to the house. Sports, which are continued throughout the year, stopped. Tennis, which is played throughout the year, all across the globe, came to a halt with no tournaments played for months.

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Top Five Sporting Events in New York City

Sporting events are great fun to watch, whether you are with family or friends. There is great energy present throughout the venue as well as the duration of the event. Amidst loud cheers and echoing excitement, you and your loved ones can have a great time. If you are visiting New York City, take some time to visit one or more of its many sporting events.

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How Much Should You Pay for A Ping Pong Table?

If you want to go pro, no amount is too much for a ping pong table. It sounds like a cliché right? No, it’s not. To win tough ping pong opponents you need the best ping pong training equipment.

However, considering how the pandemic has ravaged most economies, it will be ideal to opt for ping pong tables with lesser prices but offer quality services. For instance, you can go for ping pong tables that are less popular but offer durability and other amazing qualities. 

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5 Sports That You Can Enjoy Well Into Your Old Age

Swimming, cycling, and tennis are sports that take center stage during summer, being a feature in worldwide competitions and weekend recreation activities. But they are sporting activities that have the least number of interested teenagers. Many of these youths prefer volleyball, basketball, football, rugby, and other high-impact sports that strain the body with time leading to injuries on the most involved body parts. You can still enjoy betting on these sports, visit Wunderdog Sports Handicapper.

Many sports are fitness-oriented, and they are activities your children can engage in well into their old age. Below are some of the athletic endeavors that you can take part in and enjoy for life:

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Where to Find the Best Ping Pong Paddles

Are you looking for the best ping pong paddle in 2021? 

Surprisingly, the best ping pong paddles are not far away from you. Most new players always ask this question all the time. Moreover, with technological advancement, you can get whatever you need online. 

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Chicago Aces: Our Very Short-Lived, Ill-Fated Pro Tennis Team

Yes, there was an American professional tennis team league once upon a time, and yes, Chicago had a team. Unfortunately, the league folded quickly, and the Chicago Aces, our franchise here in the windy city, collapsed like a house of cards you could say.

The Chicago Aces probably peaked as a franchise when they named themselves- referencing both the tennis terminology and the city’s gangster past, alluding to the gambling rackets once run by Roaring ’20s organized crime kingpins.

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Top Three Most Iconic Sportswear Items Of All Time

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The sportswear world is full of amazing clothes and items for fans to enjoy. Some of these products are made in the image of your favorite athletes, which makes them even more popular! Naturally, we’ve seen loads of different sportswear brands release new items over the years. However, we’ve picked up the top three most iconic items of all time. Check them out, and feel free to comment with your most iconic sportswear items:

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Novak Djokovic Disqualified from the US Open 2020

As if his off-court controversies weren’t enough, Novak Djokovic found himself in the middle of a new one when he was unceremoniously ousted from the US Open 2020 for hitting a line umpire. The on-court misdemeanor in which the World No.1 unintentionally hit the line umpire in the throat has resulted in a raging debate. Was it right to dole out such a harsh punishment on one of the finest tennis players of this millennium?

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Roger Federer First Tennis Player to Top Forbes 100 List

Roger Federer made history, at the end of May, by topping the Forbes list of the highestpaid athletes in the world. The Swiss became the first tennis player to do so, in the 30 years history of this list. He came just second in 2013, after Tiger Woods.  [Read more…]

New Zealand’s Professional Tennis Returns on June 3

After the coronavirus started making victims, sports events started being canceled one after the other or rescheduled for a much later time. After many weeks of having to stay inside and not even having the opportunity to do tennis betting online, tennis fans may now have something to be happy about – New Zealand is going to host a team-based tennis tournament for local players. It will take place on June 3, and it’s a great thing to see now in the middle of the pandemic.  

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