Roger Federer First Tennis Player to Top Forbes 100 List

Roger Federer made history, at the end of May, by topping the Forbes list of the highestpaid athletes in the world. The Swiss became the first tennis player to do so, in the 30 years history of this list. He came just second in 2013, after Tiger Woods.  [Read more…]

New Zealand’s Professional Tennis Returns on June 3

After the coronavirus started making victims, sports events started being canceled one after the other or rescheduled for a much later time. After many weeks of having to stay inside and not even having the opportunity to do tennis betting online, tennis fans may now have something to be happy about – New Zealand is going to host a team-based tennis tournament for local players. It will take place on June 3, and it’s a great thing to see now in the middle of the pandemic.  

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