Milwaukee Brewers t-shirts celebrate Ryan Braun “Innocence”



“I’m not that innocent.” Those are the words of the noted Southern American philosopher Britney Spears. And the phrase applies to Milwaukee Brewers slugger and 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun.

But Ryan Braun is innocent when it comes to PEDs. Or at least he’s not guilty. And a t-shirt company appealing to Brewers fans has something to say about it- using the medium of cotton and polyester.

They released these t-shirts in April of 2012. They probably feel pretty stupid about Ryan Braun today.

Here’s their message, shirt pictured above:

You mess with us, we’ll circle the wagons.

So when the powers that be tried to place an asterisk by one of the most memorable seasons in Milwaukee baseball history, we got mad. They botched a test, then leaked the results, then had the nerve to complain when our guy won his appeal? You’re darn right we got angry.
Yet when the season opened, our best player was out there in his rightful spot in the lineup, ready to carry the home team to another postseason appearance. Our guy might hear boos on the road, but you know what?
He’s not guilty.

Don’t you guys feel like FRIGGIN IDIOTS today? Way to go there being on the wrong side of Ryan Braun history

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