VIDEOS: Final teaser for new Manchester United kit


manchester united kit

You already know what the new Man United shirt looks like, as Photos of the new Manchester United kit leaked online .The home red went on sale a week early in the United States. As you know Manchester United Football Club broke a shirt sponsor record when they switched from Aon to Chevrolet. They also broke a kit deal record for partnership with a manufacturer when they made the switch from Nike to Adidas. The new Manchester United kit deal is worth over $1.1 billion!

In just hours, the deal with Nike officially ends and the new deal with Adidas kit begins. And the new Manchester United kit will go on sale at midnight. In honor of making their first Manchester United kit in 23 years, Adidas released these teaser videos.

Enjoy! It won’t be long until you can buy your new shirt.

Indeed, the devil really is in the details.

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  1. nice one there i just hope it brings to us good luck and glory

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