Manchester United, and every other English Premier League Crest, if it were “Americanised”


manchester united americanized

You previously saw what would happen if the National Football League became British. If not, then go here to this link and see NFL logos re-imagined in the style and theme of Great Britain. Clubline took the Premier League and converted the crests to how they would look if they were was branded up like the MLS, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL in America.

Club line took every Premier League team and AMERICANISED them. Sorry, it’s Americanised, not Americanized.

 The infographic embedded below shows you each team in alphabetical order.

We led with Manchester United because

1.) they are the biggest and most well known brand in the English Premier League and

2.) they are one of several EPL clubs with American ownership, thus their Americanised crest is a logical fit to be the featured image.

What If The Premier League Was Americanised? by Clubline Football.

Also, we have a very fun challenge for you the reader. The opportunity to take the quiz is provided over at this link.  Can you guess them all correctly? Have a go!

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