Eric Cantona Prefers Pep Guardiola Over Jose Mourinho to Manage United


eric cantona

The Pep Guardiola versus Jose Mourinho rivalry/compare and contrast narrative began in Spain a few years ago, but it’s been ramped up even more since the two managers came to the English Premier League last season. The fact that they both took over a Manchester club, at roughly the same time, only further adds to the narrative.

Manchester United club legend Eric Cantona says he would prefer Guardiola, the current Manchester City boss, lead his former club instead of the team’s current manager Jose Mourinho. King Eric made this statement in a very colorful way, taking a blatant and hilarious shot at City.

eric cantona

On Five Live (transcript Manchester Evening News) Cantona said the following: “I loved Cruyff when he was the manager of Barcelona, I love Ajax in the seventies.”

“I grew up with this kind of football, and the football we played with Ferguson is very creative. It’s more ‘Manchester United’ I think.”

“It’s why I prefer the way Guardiola plays, and I would prefer to have him as manager of Manchester United. It’s more logical. I just can’t understand why Manchester United takes a manager who plays in a defensive way.

“I don’t watch Manchester City, because it’s Manchester City, but I would love to play in the team managed by Guardiola.”

Obviously, it’s all a moot point now as Guardiola is at City and Mourinho at United, but Cantona does bring up the familiar narrative of Guardiola being the offensive guy and Mourinho the defensive minded boss.


United midfielder Ander Herrera disagrees with this dichotomy, and just a few days ago voiced his opinion on this. Earlier this week, the Red Devils player of the year last season put forth a few good points on this idea that make a counterbalance to what Cantona had to say here.

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