Liverpool FC Top Premier League Agent Fee Spending at £26.8m


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For the first time ever, Premier League clubs in total spent more than £200 million on agent fees. Leading the way to the £211,011,187 mark was Liverpool Football Club, at just shy of £26.8 million. The Football Association released the numbers today which cover the period of Feb. 1 2017 to Jan. 31 2018, taking in the last two transfer windows.

The reigning league champions, Chelsea, were second followed by this year’s champions-in-waiting Manchester City. Coming in fourth was Manchester United, a.k.a. Mino Raiola FC.


Perhaps the most interesting slot on this list was fifth, because we saw Watford here; not Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur or Everton. As expected, the bottom of the list is populated by clubs that were promoted in recent years, and haven’t been in the top flight very long.

Premier League Agent Fee Spending

1. Liverpool £26,793,503

2. Chelsea: £25,143,786

3. Manchester City: £23,475,309

4. Manchester United: £18,002,193

5. Watford: £13,390,605

6. Everton: £12,056,512

7. Arsenal: £10,560,689

8. Leicester £9,918,530

9. West Ham £8,387,694

10. Bournemouth: £7,733,988

11. Newcastle: £7,409,760

12. Swansea: £7,317,716

13. Tottenham: £7,173,667

14. Southampton: £6,296,804

15. Stoke: £6,241,527

16. Crystal Palace: £6,173,622

17. West Brom: £4,754,226

18. Brighton: £4,415,325

19. Burnley: £3,299,917

20. Huddersfield: £2,465,815

huddersfield town afc

Total: £211,011,187

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