Mike McQueary Told Paterno he Witnessed “Extremely Sexual” Acts by Sandusky



Yesterday the embattled Mike McQueary gave his testimony at the preliminary hearing for two Penn State officials (former Athletic Director Tim Curley and V.P. Gary Schultz) charged with lying to the grand jury investigating sex crimes by Jerry Sandusky.

The former Penn State coach and recruiting coordinator appears to no longer be with the program, but his testimony to be very key to this case.

McQueary claims that less than 12 hours after he witnessed Sandusky with his arms wrapped around a young boy, molesting him in a locker room shower, he went to Joe Paterno‘s home, sat at his kitchen table and told him he’d seen something “way over the lines and extremely sexual in nature.”

Here are some excerpts from the Patriot News:

McQueary never used the terms rape, sodomy or anal sex, he testified, even when he sat down with ousted athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz.

But he did go into graphic detail, he said.

“I would have said that Jerry was in there in very close proximity to a boy with his arms wrapped around him. I said I heard slapping sounds. I described it was extremely sexual and that some kind of intercourse was going on,” he said.

As we posted yesterday, Paterno admits he was was aware of this act, but didn’t do anything about it because it was a Saturday, and he didn’t want to ruin the A.D.’s weekend.

McQueary later said under cross-examination by Sandusky defense attorneys:

“There’s no question in my mind that I conveyed to them that I saw Jerry in the showers and that it was severe sexual acts and that it was wrong and over the line.”

He also said that he didn’t go until sexual detail about what he saw to Paterno because it’s just “something you don’t do.” His explanation sounds like how you would describe watching an R rated movie with grahic sex scenes in the same room with your parents. So I get where he’s coming from, BUT….watching Basic Instinct with your parents in the room has zero legal ramifications and nothing to do with alleged child rape, so maybe McQueary should have left the sugar coating off of this one. And just told it like it is.

For more of his testimony go to Penn Live

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