More Penn State coaches say they showered with young boys


Just when you thought the details of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, and the Penn State cover-up of his alleged child rape couldn’t offend your sensibilities and morals any further, we learned today during the Sandusky trial that other coaches, in addition to Jerry Sandusky used to shower with little boys in Happy Valley.

Yes, this only gets creepier, sicker and weirder. Apparently, it was common practice for grown adult men to be showering with young boys in the PSU college football program.

From the Miami Herald:

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2 potential jurors in Sandusky trial wearing Penn St. shirts; 3 jurors selected


Having connections to Penn State University will not exactly eliminate your chances of serving on the jury for the Jerry Sandusky trial. Of course, sometimes the bias and slant is just way too obvious, like when potential jurors show up wearing Penn State t-shirts.

From the award-winning Sarah Ganim of the Patriot News:

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Mike McQueary Told Paterno he Witnessed “Extremely Sexual” Acts by Sandusky


Yesterday the embattled Mike McQueary gave his testimony at the preliminary hearing for two Penn State officials (former Athletic Director Tim Curley and V.P. Gary Schultz) charged with lying to the grand jury investigating sex crimes by Jerry Sandusky.

The former Penn State coach and recruiting coordinator appears to no longer be with the program, but his testimony to be very key to this case.

McQueary claims that less than 12 hours after he witnessed Sandusky with his arms wrapped around a young boy, molesting him in a locker room shower, he went to Joe Paterno‘s home, sat at his kitchen table and told him he’d seen something “way over the lines and extremely sexual in nature.”

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Alleged Child Molestor Jerry Sandusky Actually Has Supporters


A few years ago I attended a play about Benedict Arnold. Being a Revolutionary War buff, I enjoy these kinds of things, but I had no idea the theme and moral of the stage show would influence my future writing as much as it does. The play went through the story of how Arnold stabbed the American colonists in the back by giving up Fort Ticonderoga to the British.

Specifically, the play focused on why he did it: Arnold felt he was repeatedly passed over for promotions that he believed he deserved, he kept putting up his own front money for his army and going broke, the Colonial regulars didn’t reimburse him, he had a young mercenary trophy wife who was demanding, you get the idea.

The point is the man is deservedly synonymous with the concept of “TRAITOR!” for the length of American history. So we only know him as pure evil, but there’s always another side to the story.

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, the right hand man to Joe Paterno is an alleged child rapist. If guilty of what he’s accused (and I believe he’s guilty as sin, I’ll be extremely outraged if the Pennsylvania courts let him walk) then he really is the lowest form of human life; a disgusting vile subcreature.

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Paterno Testimony: Would Have done more but didn’t want to Ruin A.D.’s Weekend


Joe Paterno gave a testimony before the grand jury investigation of Jerry Sandusky back in January. Today, it was read into the state record as Paterno himself was unable to attend due to his broken pelvis and lung cancer. Also,  Paterno was not legally mandated to appear at today’s hearing.

He was of course fired from his head coaching job five days after Sandusky was charged with several dozen counts of child sex abuse and former athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz were charged with lying to a grand jury about a report of rape in 2002. The A.D. and V.P. both resigned.

(BREAKING: Penn State QB Matt McGloin hospitalized after fight with teammate WR Curtis Drake)

Read aloud during the hearing today, Paterno’s testimony lasted 6 minutes in court.

Here are some excerpts from the Patriot News:

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Jerry Sandusky Denied Coaching Job Last Year; Harassed College


The big news today concerning Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was how he stunned a packed courtroom by backing out of a preliminary hearing at the last minute, avoiding a face-to-face confrontation with accusers.

Sandusky pleaded not guilty and vowed afterward to “stay the course, to fight for four quarters.”

He waived his right to a preliminary trial, and decided to let the case go straight to trial.

But more overlooked, and very important is the fact that Sandusky applied to be a college football coach, on a volunteer level, just last year. And he was denied because he left out the fact that he was being investigated on the application forms.

And then when he was denied he couldn’t just leave the college alone.

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