Jerry Sandusky Denied Coaching Job Last Year; Harassed College



The big news today concerning Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was how he stunned a packed courtroom by backing out of a preliminary hearing at the last minute, avoiding a face-to-face confrontation with accusers.

Sandusky pleaded not guilty and vowed afterward to “stay the course, to fight for four quarters.”

He waived his right to a preliminary trial, and decided to let the case go straight to trial.

But more overlooked, and very important is the fact that Sandusky applied to be a college football coach, on a volunteer level, just last year. And he was denied because he left out the fact that he was being investigated on the application forms.

And then when he was denied he couldn’t just leave the college alone.

From Penn

A central Pennsylvania college says former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was denied a volunteer coaching position last year because a background check revealed a high school was investigating him on sex abuse allegations later detailed by a grand jury. Juniata College spokesman John Wall says Sandusky applied for the job in May 2010. A subsequent background check revealed the existence of an investigation at Central Mountain High School. Prosecutors say Sandusky abused a Central Mountain student while working there as a volunteer. That led to a grand jury investigation that ended with child sex abuse charges filed against him last month.

What’s especially creepy about this situation is the fact that the coaches office was directly across the street from a building that housed a preschool/child day care center. Almost as disturbing as the fact he lives across the street from an elementary school.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Sandusky continued to interact with the football team, contacting them even more despite the protests of the athletic director. He kept attending Juniata College games and interacted with players on the practice field despite the A.D. trying to keep him away.

It really shows that Sandusky has no idea that all the atrocities he’s allegedly committed are wrong! The actions look like that of a remorseless monster. Watch this video

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