PSU fans make Joe Paterno lego portrait, cutouts, vigil for wins


There is still a mourning period at Penn State for the late coach Joe Paterno. There are Joe Paterno shrines, portraits made out of Legos and life-sized cutouts. After the Penn State-Michigan game Saturday night, there was a vigil to remember Paterno’s “lost wins,” and one local daily up in State College spent more ink on that vigil than on Penn State’s four-overtime victory over Michigan. Arguably the biggest win in the Bill O’Brien era, and the coming out party of Christian Hackenberg.

Can anything make Penn State fans move on from the Joe Paterno era at Penn State? Or will the Joe Bots only increase in numbers, instead of going away?

Did the ghost of Joe Paterno have a hand in the recruiting of David Njoku?

Fans held a vigil for a NUMBER, basically, the number of wins that Joe Paterno and the Penn State program had to vacate because of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

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Joe Paterno biopic tentatively titled “Happy Valley”


The Joe Paterno statue is gone. Penn State is only now starting to feel the effects of the sanctions, and a Joe Paterno biopic is in the works. As you’ve already heard, Al Pacino will play Paterno. No word yet on who will play Jerry Sandusky in the film.

Joe Posnanski’s Paterno biography became a New York Times Bestseller.  Now it’s a movie with a tentative title “Happy Valley.”



Pacino, who’s played legendary screen characters like Michael Corleone and Tony Montana, will now lend his craft to this? Wait, this movie will be no puff piece. It’s not going to be fawning at all. It’s supposed to explore everything that comprised Joe Paterno. The disgraced way in which he went out will be prominently portrayed in “Happy Valley.”

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Joe Paterno’s Family Appeals Penn State Sanctions


Don Van NattaJr., is reporting that the family of Joe Paterno has sent a letter of appeal concerning the NCAA‘s Penn State sanctions. The letter, received by the NCAA on Friday, asks that the sanctions against Penn State and Joe Paterno for covering up the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal be appealed.

A copy of the letter has fallen into the hands of ESPN’s Outside the Lines, a podcast that airs Sunday mornings and is available for download here.

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Will the Big 10 give Penn State the boot?


In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky trial and the cover-up by Penn State officials of the fact that Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children, there has been much speculation on what the future holds for the Penn State football program.

What sanctions will the program face?

Will the Paterno statue be taken down?

Will the NCAA remove the football team from the school altogether for a period of time (the Death Penalty)?

However, few have asked what the Big Ten will do with the program. Could the Big Ten decide to remove Penn State from the conference?

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Penn State took down Joe Paterno statue


The school has made it official. The earlier reports are now legit- Penn State took down the Joe Paterno statue. Official word was out by Sunday morning, but Friday morning reports had already surfaced. Here’s the skinny via NBC’s Pro Football Talk

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Paterno name removed from coaching position, award at his alma mater

joe paterno

Penn State may not be ready to take the Joe Paterno statue down (and there are certainly two very passionate camps, one for and one against doing so) but Paterno’s alma mater, Brown University has already made a statement on Paterno’s complicity to child rape by taking his name off an award and coaching position.

They’re also contemplating the removal of Paterno from the school’s hall of fame.

From the New York Times:

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Mike McQueary to sue Penn State, seek whistleblower status


Former Penn State wide receivers coach Mike McQueary is filing a whistleblower lawsuit against Penn State. The paperwork was filed today on behalf of his lawyer Eliot Strokoff. That is his name- how unfortunate that we are not joking. You have to admit that’s funny.

Genuinely funny, not dark humor like how Jerry Sandusky is being represented by a man who impregnated a minor who was about a third his age.

A writ of summons for a civil case was filed in county court today; giving Penn State University notice that he’s suing them.

Pedophilia Stadium instead? Paterno family turns down Penn St. stadium namesake


The family of Joe Paterno turned down an offer from Penn State University, which sought to rename Beaver Stadium after the late college football leader in Division 1 coaching victories, according to a report from The Patriot-News yesterday.

How about Child Rape Stadium instead? That way you can name it after Paterno’s right hand man of many years Jerry Sandusky. I just realized how odd it is that the stadium shares its name with a slang term for female genitalia, when it’s now become synonymous with the type of acts that only NAMBLA would approve of; illegal and immoral behavior by a man who isn’t really interested in “beaver.” (allegedly)

(again how the f*** is Jerry Sandusky actually married? Who the f*** marries/stays married to [an alleged] child rapist?)

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Pennsylvania almost evenly split on renaming PSU stadium after Paterno


Polls in Pennsylvania show a pretty close to even split on the issue of renaming Penn State’s Beaver Stadium after Joe Paterno.

A Quinnipiac University survey found that 46 percent of those polled thought the school should rename Beaver Stadium, while 40 percent were opposed. But the margin of error is nearly 3 points among the 1,300 registered voters who were surveyed.

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Nike’s Phil Knight Addresses Paterno Firing at Memorial Service

joe paterno

Someone had to talk about it; the elephant in the room. In all the tributes paid to Joe Paterno these past few days, a few talked about his recent dismissal. Little to none discussed it in a substantive sense. Nike CEO Phil Knight at least touched upon it; but ended up doing little more than Paterno/Penn State cheerleading.

Maybe it would have been better if he had just kept his mouth shut.

Thursday’s memorial event ended the public mourning period for Paterno. Public viewings were held Tuesday and Wednesday morning at a campus followed by a funeral Mass, procession and burial for Paterno that afternoon.

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Penn St. Alums in State Capital: JUST DON’T GET IT


Everyone gets the “death bounce;” no matter who they are or what they’ve done. And by death bounce, I mean the mainstream media, and with it John Q. Public, just going ahead and glossing over everything that person did wrong while they were alive.

Well, hopefully a monster like Jerry Sandusky doesn’t get the death bounce.

Considering all that went down with Joe Paterno and Penn State, and just a few weeks ago at that, I’m shocked that Paterno has been as deified, lionized, and sanctified as he has by the internet, television, radio and print media.

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With Paterno Dead (RIP 1926-2012), Still Not Time To Discuss His Legacy


Just days after a controversial interview did little to stem the tide of animosity flooding his way, it was revealed that former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno had suffered a serious setback in his treatment for lung cancer, and that his family and friends were stationed by his bedside to say their final goodbyes. He died Sunday at the age of 85.

His family released a statement Sunday morning to announce his death.

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