Jerry Sandusky Watched Paterno’s Last Game in Beaver Stadium President’s Box!



There really is no way to describe just how much Jerry Sandusky truly was an integral part of the Penn State program. Even up to the final days before his arrest, and the media sensation exploded, Sandusky was a college football institution in State College, long after his retirement.

From the Patriot News:

A week before his arrest on charges of child sex abuse, sources say Jerry Sandusky watched Joe Paterno notch his 409th victory from the president’s box at Beaver Stadium, sources said Wednesday. A source close to the Penn State board of trustees told The Patriot-News that Sandusky was seen in the president’s box that day and later went to the Nitttany Lion Club.

Earlier Wednesday, former Nittany Lions linebacker Brandon Short said he had been told by two independent sources, whom he did not identify, that Sandusky was in the president’s box for the Penn State-Illinois game on Oct. 29.

That was the day the Illini special teams handed PSU one of the ugliest wins of the 2011 season. A very difficult game to watch on both sides, the victory gave Paterno 409 career wins, surpassing Eddie Robinson as the most Ws in division 1 history. And then, exactly a week later Sandusky was arrested and everything came out. Coincidence?

Given how the University trustees KNEW of Sandusky’s investigation months before hand, and the power that the University and football team wield in the region, is it possible the local law enforcement authorities waited until after Paterno achieved his record before taking action? Sounds a bit conspiracy theory, but given how the PSU scandal has been one of totality from top to bottom, I wouldn’t say it’s outside the realm of possibility.

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