Jerry Sandusky Watched Paterno’s Last Game in Beaver Stadium President’s Box!


There really is no way to describe just how much Jerry Sandusky truly was an integral part of the Penn State program. Even up to the final days before his arrest, and the media sensation exploded, Sandusky was a college football institution in State College, long after his retirement.

From the Patriot News:

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Former Penn St. Pres. knew of Sandusky Investigation Months Before Arrest


The higher-ups in Happy Valley knew all about Jerry Sandusky and the investigation surrounding him long before the national media took hold of it. The then University leader who’s been since forced to resign told his trustees about it, but no decisive action was taken.

From State

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Sandusky Lives Next to an Elementary School; Penn St Debt Downgraded?

The Penn State pedophile scandal is all-encompassing; the fallout from it is only in its infancy. And I hate to use a term relating to children when reporting on a child rape case, but the adverse effects on PSU have only just begun. This story is filled with sick, sordid details, and today we learned what might be the creepiest of all- Jerry Sandusky LIVES NEXT TO AN ELEMENTARY school!

Check out this Walter Football

The main glass window of Sandusky’s State College, Pa., home, which sits next to an elementary school and playground, had been smashed in and covered with a sheet, according to the report.

A separate report, citing a neighbor, indicated that vandals threw two bricks through Sandusky’s window.

Sandusky is free on $100,000 unsecured bail. He faces 21 felony counts for allegedly abusing eight male minors over a period of 15 years. He is due in court Dec. 7.

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