VIDEO: bizarre disallowed Wayne Rooney “goal” v. Liverpool


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Manchester United and Wayne Rooney headed to Miami to face rival Liverpool in the International Champions Cup final Monday night. They topped Group A with an undefeated record to get here, but fell behind 1-nil in the 13′ due to Steven Gerrard. Rooney equalized, and before I could even finish tweeting out that Wayne Rooney scored, Juan Mata recorded a brace that put United ahead 2-1.

But this shot is the one that has people talking.

It was initially called a goal, but then it was waived off. And everyone was confused. Of course, the big Wayne Rooney news today is that he, not Robin van Persie will be Captain. At least on August 16th versus Swansea in the Premier League opener. It’s the right thing for Louis van Gaal to do. You can understand why he would obviously want to make it RVP, but Rooney is the way to go.

United went on to win 3-1, claim the International Champions Cup and the $1,000,000 prize money. Which is of course….

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  1. Congratulation, that is a wonderful start to the season on the Vangiggzy erra in united. Hoppe to see more. Kudos to the manager, the assitance and the players. Congratulation the up coming captain waney rooney and our new boys Herrere and shaw.

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