Saints Olin Kreutz Leaves Team, Citing Lost Passion for Football


I guess the free agent signing of Center Olin Kreutz is now officially a bust for the New Orleans Saints.

To echo the sentiment of that famous blues song “the thrill is gone, baby.” The longtime Chicago Bears OL was known for his clout with the organization (which became even more evident after the shooting range incident in 2005) and leadership ability.

Today in New Orleans he is leading himself away from the team after losing his passion for football.

According to the AP:

His agent, Mark Bartelstein, said Friday the 34-year-old Kreutz “has to feel really good about the passion he has got for the game and the love he has got for the game.” Bartelstein says Kreutz felt that slipping away and “he’s just not someone who can go to work every week and collect a paycheck.”

In August, the 14-year veteran couldn’t agree to a new contract with Chicago, the only other team he has played for, and signed a one-year, $2 million contract with the Saints.

Kreutz has missed the past two games with an injury, after starting the season’s first three. Thus ended a streak of 137 consecutive starts. Its not uncommon for an athlete to give the “I lost interest in the game” excuse for why they’re walking away from the team. Even Michael Jordan said that for his first retirement.

Often times, the player comes back from this type of sabbatical. Will that happen with Kreutz? If he does return, it would be kind of weird. How would you react if you were his teammate?

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