NFL concludes New Orleans Saints violated league’s “Bounty Rule”


If you’re not familiar with the “Bounty Rule,” it’s a stipulation similar to how it sounds- outlawing bounty hunters. The idea of paying players on your NFL team to go out of their way to hurt people. As if football isn’t a violent game enough already, it’s an incentive system to knock opponents out of the contest.

This was best illustrated in the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “The U.” in reference to the Miami Hurricanes. And now it’s happened on the pro level in New Orleans, as over two dozen Saints defenders were found in violation of this NFL rule by a league investigation. Those punishments could come in the form of fines, suspensions and even forfeiture of draft picks.

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Saints vs. Cardinals to open NFL Preseason in Canton


The Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints will kick off the preseason Sunday August 5, in the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. The game will be televised nationally on NFL Network with kickoff set for 8 p.m. ET. No lockout this year, meaning this game won’t be lost like last year- the first of it’s kind ever to be cancelled.

This summer’s game marks the fifth appearance by the Saints They last played in Canton in 2007, a 20-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and have an overall 1-3 record in the Hall of Fame Game series.

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Saints Drew Brees Rated Most Powerful Pro Athlete in the U.S.


The New Orleans Saints’ record setting quarterback Drew Brees, the man who threw for more passing yards this season than any qb in NFL history tops the Bloomberg Businessweek/Horrow Sports Ventures ranking of the most powerful professional athletes in the U.S.

Brees is bigger than life “Breesus” to NOLA, the pride of its recent college football history to Purdue Boilermakers everywhere.

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Saints Olin Kreutz Leaves Team, Citing Lost Passion for Football

I guess the free agent signing of Center Olin Kreutz is now officially a bust for the New Orleans Saints.

To echo the sentiment of that famous blues song “the thrill is gone, baby.” The longtime Chicago Bears OL was known for his clout with the organization (which became even more evident after the shooting range incident in 2005) and leadership ability.

Today in New Orleans he is leading himself away from the team after losing his passion for football.

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New Orleans Saints vs. Chicago Bears Features Non-Football Storylines

In Sunday’s game between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears there will be lots of bigger issues surrounding the game outside of NFL football.

Bears linebacker and face of the franchise Brian Urlacher left the team Tuesday afternoon to be with his family after his mother, Lavoyda Lenard, died at her home in Mount Pleasant, Texas. She was 51 years old. After a couple days of being his family, Urlacher returned to practice Thursday, and will play tomorrow with an obvious heavy heart.

This situation will be similar to when Brett Favre played a game for the Packers following the death of his father. Except of course Urlacher isn’t the same type of attention hound that the ex-Vikings and Jets signal caller is.

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