Saints Olin Kreutz Leaves Team, Citing Lost Passion for Football

I guess the free agent signing of Center Olin Kreutz is now officially a bust for the New Orleans Saints.

To echo the sentiment of that famous blues song “the thrill is gone, baby.” The longtime Chicago Bears OL was known for his clout with the organization (which became even more evident after the shooting range incident in 2005) and leadership ability.

Today in New Orleans he is leading himself away from the team after losing his passion for football.

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2011 NFL Signings and Trade Rumors: Olin Kreutz, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and more!

adrian peterson

The Chicago Bear’s Olin Kreutz has a new team, Brett Favre is not joining the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders replace Zach Miller. What are the latest 2011 NFL signings? NFL trade rumors? News from around the NFL?

The Sportsbank has NFL fans covered with the latest from around the league.

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