Favre Sexual Harassment Scandal Going all the Way to the top?



It appears that Jenn Sterger was just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re getting sick of hearing about Sterger, Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre, Deadspin, sexting etc. well that’s just too bad, because we’re (to quote Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman”) “just getting warmed up.”

Today, the media is buzzing about the fact that two more independent contractors hired by the New York Jets, a pair of massage therapists, saved the voicemail evidence that will damn Favre, and may be willing to come forward with it.

In other words, the NFL already has a Ben Roethlisberger type situation on their hands, but it could blow up into a full-fledged Tiger Woods. As we learned with Woods, once a couple of women come out of the woodwork, many others can quickly soon follow.

That is a nightmare situation for “The Shield,” having the face of the league disgrace himself without owning up to it. The serious damage inflicted can be controlled though if Favre pulls a David Letterman and owns up to it. Perhaps no recent scandal was ever handled better than Letterman, and that’s likely Brett’s possible route to take.

However, there is another factor here which makes a Letterman type apology not enough to make this situation go away, not by a longshot.

By Paul M. Banks

See it’s not just Favre who’s on the spot here. Those who covered up for him, if it’s proven they did so, have blood on their hands too.

From Rock Mamola’s “The Rock Report” on Chicago Now

If indeed these photos have been known about by both the Jets and the Vikings, as alluded to by Westwood One’s Kevin Harlan as he visited with Mully And Hanley Tuesday morning,  before they were indeed published by Deadspin, that reeks of a Favre conspiracy.  If Favre knew about these photos, the Jets knew about these photos and the Vikings knew about these photos…..then not only Brett Favre but the two organizations in general should face punishment as well.

It is the highest insult to the Commissioner of the NFL if indeed these photos/voice mails were kept hidden from the watchful eye and iron fist of Roger Goodell.  To think that a single player could hide this type of sexual harassment while he makes the sport he plays in hang in the balance of his every word is disrespectful to the game he “loves” playing.

Agreed. 100%.

We know Favre is guilty of acting like an arrogant jackass, even if he’s not been convicted of a crime. Hell, we knew he was an arrogant jackass from the way he strung along three different NFL franchises and the entire news media the past three NFL preseasons.

But this time his mere egocentrism has crossed over into delusional hubris.

First off, who thinks it’s a good idea to take pictures of your penis and send them to someone? What good does that do?

If you’re striking out with a girl, how will pictures of your unit help your cause? And if you’re married, and a public figure whose infidelity will be a Federal case, then you REALLY REALLY REALLY shouldn’t be doing it!

If you decide to do something this bone-headed, why on Earth would you send these pics to someone who WORKS IN MEDIA?

Someone who’s known to be desperate for fame as well?

This thought process is so backward that Favre must either

a.) be the dumbest redneck alive this side of Cletus from “The Simpsons.”

b.) just believe that his aura, his ego, his star power is so big that he could do such moronic things without punishment or accountability.

The first scenario paints him as simply f***ing stupid. The second scenario is much more troubling, because it means he views himself as some type of above-the-law entity, whose personal brand could never be tarnished. And if that’s the case, you best believe he got the idea, at least partially, from the league protecting him.

And if the league was indeed protecting him, then all those conspiracy theories about the Vikings and the Jets and NFL employees covering up his actions are true.

And if that’s the case- then the NFL REALLY has one giant clusterf*** (or s***storm if you prefer) on it’s hands.

And that one won’t be going away for a LONG time. So dig in, because if the NFL dosn’t act swiftly on this, the news cycle for Favre and company will be longer than Don Imus and Tiger Woods combined.

Paul M. Banks is President and CEO of The Sports Bank.net , a Midwest focused webzine. He is also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, the Chicago Tribune’s blog network, Walter Football.com, the Washington Times Communities, Yardbarker Network, and Fox Sports.com

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