Denver Broncos Waive Kyle Orton, All in with Tim Tebow



I guess the Denver Broncos have decided to go all in with Tim Tebow as their quarterback. (Tebow, and Tebowing is huge in Taiwan) Because they just waived former starting signal caller Kyle Orton. This news is pretty fresh, as so far only ESPN is reporting it. But this move was expected for some time.

If they want, the Chicago Bears can get their former QB1 back. He would be some welcome added insurance as Jay Cutler heals from a broken thumb.

Houston, Kansas City, Tennesse, they could all use a quarterback as well. Orton was rumored to be dealt to the Oakland Raiders back in October before the deadline expired.

kyle orton

It’ll cost about $2.5 million to claim the former Purdue Boilermakers star.

Orton has really redefined himself during his career. As evidence by the picture above, when he first entered the league, “Captain Neckbeard” really had a party boy reputation. He has since matured, worked hard and developed into a true NFL starting signal caller, and would greatly help a team in need.

As for Denver, they’ve said “Tebow is our guy” with this move. Former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn will back him up.

The Broncos have a lot of faith in the man who wears his faith on his sleeve more than any other player in NFL history.

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  1. the broncos have compeletly lost there minds……..

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