Broncos, Tebow, Tebowing HUGE in Taiwan (Video)


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Tim Tebow and the trend of Tebowing is going world wide. You knew it was only a matter of time until the Taiwanese animators we all know and love made their spin on it.

Tebow is one of the NFL’s most polarizing players, and his signature prayer-celebration, referred to as Tebowing, has replaced planking as a national fad. The Broncos have gone 3-1 (the one a 45-10 drubbing by the Detroit Lions) since he replaced former Boilermakers and Chicago Bears star Kyle Orton as starting quarterback.

Tebow doesn’t actually throw well, take a look at his passing stats, and his ugly mechanics but Denver has played some zone read-option in their offense; similar to what Tebow did for the Florida Gators in college.

Therefore, Tebow is kind of becoming a NFL version of a Taylor Martinez or Denard Robinson “single threat” QB who puts up great rushing numbers but can’t throw. “Jump pass anyone?”

The Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs 17-10 on Sunday after beating the Oakland Raiders 38-24 the week before.

Watch video below

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  1. PaloGaucho says

    Why are so many people taking up the mantra that Tebow is polarizing? He’s not. He’s modest, humble and a man of faith. The only thing polarizing is the bigoted media demonizing him because he’s a Christian.

  2. do you even know what the word polarizing means? When someone is both loved and hated by multitudes of people they are by definition “polarizing.” It’s about perception.

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