Rondale Moore: What it’s Like to Try and Defend Purdue’s Electric Playmaker

rondale moore

Rondale Moore announced his presence to the college football world with authority Thursday night. All the Purdue true freshman wide receiver from New Albany, Indiana did in his very first collegiate game was break Purdue’s 46-year old record for most all-purpose yards in a contest with 313 yards.

In a 31-27 loss to Northwestern he rushed twice for 79 yards, including a 76-yard touchdown run, and caught 11 passes for 109 yards and a touchdown. As the name Rondale Moore was top ten trending nationally on Twitter, the rookie was compiling 125 yards on five kickoff returns, en route to winning the league’s Freshman of the Week award.

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ESPN College Gameday: How it Went From Transcendent to Unwatchable


Republishing from 9-16-17

To pinpoint what’s so wrong with ESPN College Gameday in 2017, there are a couple different places from which you can start. You can begin with ESPN’s horrible bungling of the Jemele Hill and Robert Lee situations, and go from there. The same principle, that of “let’s try to never hurt anyone’s feelings ever, no matter what the cost, because hurt feelings means upset sponsors” applies across the board.

ESPN should have never apologized for what Jemele Hill said about Donald Trump.

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RB Jeremy Larkin the Constant, as Northwestern Shuffles QBs in Win over Purdue

jeremy larkin

When the Northwestern football community speaks of tonight’s 31-27 upset win at Purdue, the first topic will undoubtedly be the rotating quarterbacks that Coach Pat Fitzgerald and his staff employed. QB1 Clayton Thorson and QB2 T.J. Green alternated series, and if this confuses you, well, we’ll get to that later.

And we promise you, you’ll feel even more confused. While that narrative is obviously the lead, and it will receive plenty of analysis and discussion this week, perhaps the true main story tonight was Jeremy Larkin; NU’s new starter at the tailback position.

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Northwestern Wildcats vs Purdue Boilermakers Game Preview, Prediction


For both the Purdue Boilermakers and the Northwestern Wildcats, there is no “easing into” the 2018 season. They face one another in a pivotal Big Ten West division clash that takes place two days before the season begins in earnest for most everybody else.

All eyes will be upon the nationally televised contest that features a mystery at the most important position of all, quarterback, for both sides.

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College Sports Fans Beware the Nefarious Influence of the Recruiting-Industrial Complex

It’s really astounding when you think about it- in an era when almost no one is willing to pay for news content, recruiting services can survive and thrive off a subscription-based business model.

The year-round extensive coverage of college recruiting, at every step in the process, has destroyed media coverage of college sports. It’s not just the rise of the recruiting-industrial complex itself that ruined it. Recruiting sites flourished at the same time social media exploded and these two phenomena fed off of each other to concoct a toxic cocktail.

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2018 Purdue Football Season Preview, Predictions, Prospectus


In 2017, Purdue football Coach Jeff Brohm showed the Big Ten West that there is no such thing as “year zero.” No matter what kind of mess you inherited, and Darrell Hazell certainly messed up the Purdue football program before Brohm’s arrival, you can hit the ground running and win football games in year one.

Year one begins the moment you sign that contract, and thus become paid handsomely to produce results. Yes, some head coaches at other division rivals started way behind the eight ball, and yes, some rebuilds take a lot longer than others. However, the beauty of sports lies in its boolean values- college football is win or lose, period. The rest is just cheap excuse making and insolent noise.

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Purdue Football: QB Controversy to Dominate Preseason Talk


Buckle up Purdue football fans, because we have a good old-fashioned quarterback controversy in “the cradle of quarterbacks.” David Blough versus Elijah Sindelar was the talk of Big Ten Days as Purdue football coach Jeff Brohm brought both to media days, and that’s very substantial as each school is only allowed to bring three players.

Who will be the starter come August 30th when the Boilermakers host Northwestern? Will there be a QB1A and QB1B deal going on, and if so, will how long could it last into the season? The QB derby will be the #1 Purdue football discussion topic for fall camp, and we discussed that, and much more, on the Hammer and Rails podcast (listen below) with H&R founder T-Mill.

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Purdue Boilermakers B1G Media Day Audio: Jeff Brohm, Players

jeff brohm

Purdue Boilermakers coach Jeff Brohm took a very unorthodox, but also extremely interesting and quite compelling approach to B1G Media Day. Each team is allowed to bring three players to the conference media day sessions in Chicago, and Brohm, a former NFL quarterback himself, took two quarterbacks to account for two of the three slots.

As soon as it was announced that David Blough and Elijah Sindelar were to attendance media days, one was able to naturally infer that we have an old-fashioned Purdue Boilermakers quarterback derby on our hands. Today on the magnificent mile, during his time up on dais, the session that was televised, Brohm confirmed that.

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2018 NBA Mock Draft 6-21-18 Final Edition

NBA-mock-Draft-sacramento kings

Welcome to our fourth version of our 2018 NBA Mock Draft. It’s the first edition post lottery. For more on a given prospect, click his name where hyper-linked, and that will take you to an in-depth feature piece on said player. Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account, and the order was derived from Tankathon, who we linked here.

You may not agree with the picks in this 2018 NBA mock draft, and yes, somebody will get left out, but you can air your grievances in the comments section. Just keep it all above board.

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Let’s Get Weird, Sports Episode 1: 1904 St. Louis Olympic Marathon (AUDIO)

1904 olympics st louis marathon

The Sports Bank is extremely proud to partner with the Hammer & Rails Podcast NETWORK to bring you the inaugural episode of “Let’s Get Weird, Sports.” What is this show exactly? Well, it’s something we’re very excited about as it’s unlike anything else we’ve ever done before.

As my partner Casey Bartley described, it’s “A new venture in sports story telling where we dive deep into the weird, phenomenal world of sports. Drunk History meets 30 for 30 sports documentaries where we tell you about fascinating and hard to believe sports stories.”  If you’re the type of person who enjoys NZ Sports Betting then you probably like consuming international athletic competition, and thus you’ll love this story.

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Isaac Haas Accused of Knowingly Spreading STDs; Sued for $1M

isaac haas

If you’ve ever had a detailed conversation with Isaac Haas, then you would agree that he is essentially the last person you would expect to be implicated in a story like this. The 7’2″ former Purdue Boilermakers center is being sued for $1,000,000 in civil court by his former sexual partner, Alyssa Chambers. The suit, filed yesterday, accuses Haas of lying about his having contracted sexually transmitted diseases, and therefore knowingly infecting others.

Isaac Haas has yet to comment publicly on these allegations. Purdue University and Purdue basketball coach Matt Painter declined the opportunity to comment publicly.

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Time for Purdue Basketball to Finally Make Another Deep Tourney Run

Grab your high octane energy drinks Purdue basketball fans, because you’ll have to stay up late if you want to see the Boilermakers clinch their first Elite 8 since 2000. The #2 seeded Boilers tip off at 9:57 EST in Boston on Friday against the #3 seed Texas Tech Red Raiders, meaning the game likely won’t end until after 12:30 a.m. the next day.

No, we have no clue what the sports television network-industrial complex is thinking with this ridiculous schedule either. All we can say is that Boston is known for tea parties and tea has a lot of caffeine, which will be needed to stay up till the end of this one.

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