#4 Purdue 98, #17 Illini Basketball 88 (2 OTs): Notes, Quotes, Stats

In the words of Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan: “69 dude.” At the end of regulation, that was the tied score between #4 Purdue and #17 Illini basketball. In order to get there, the Boilermakers blew a 65-58 lead, when 12th year senior (not literally, but that is what it feels like at this point) Sasha Stefanovic hit a big three with 2:47 left in the regulation.

The Boilers biggest lead was 13, as they took a 37-26 lead into the second half. They did not trail after the 4:05 mark in the first time OT. The final score read 96-88 Purdue, with the visitors getting the signature road W after not one, but two overtimes.

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Illini Basketball vs #7 Purdue on MLK Day: Stats, FYIs, Metrics

Monday morning sees the #7 Purdue Boilermakers visit #25 Illini basketball in a match-up of, arguably, the two best programs never to have won a National Title. How does one get to that point, you ask? By being dominant in conference play, but totally flopping in March. Of all that Purdue (13-2, 2-2 in the Big Ten) and Illinois (12-3, 5-0 in conference) have in common, these two patterns stand out the most.

Until 2019, Purdue hadn’t been to an Elite 8 since 2000. They still haven’t reached a Final Four since 1980. As for Illinois, they haven’t reached the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament since 2005. Meanwhile Illini basketball is totally snake-bitten by the second round, having been eliminated in round of 32 in 9/18 appearances; exactly half.

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2022 NFL Mock Draft 1-6-22

nfl draft

Welcome to our latest 2022 NFL mock draft! Team needs were sometimes, but mostly not taken into account here. The order is taken from Tankathon. Also, here is the link to a list of 70 of the worst NFL Draft cliches, buzzwords and other pointless word salad.

Far as we know, we’re the only mom and pop shop, small business style site on the whole world wide web that does a mock draft for all four major American sports. Here are the links to the latest mocks for the NBA, MLB and NHL.

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Wrigley Field Has Been Unkind to Northwestern Thus Far

It was 11 years, to the exact day actually that Northwestern lost 48-27 to Illinois in Wrigley Field. A decade has passed and the stadium has been renovated and improved upon, but it was a very bad result, once again, for the home team as Northwestern fell 32-14 to Purdue. The Boilermakers covered, and if you’re into Betting sites, then you know the visitors were favored by 11 points, with even more bullish sentiment on the money lines.

While the sample size is indeed small, just two games, NU has now been outscored, on aggregate by 39 points in the two Wrigley affairs. Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald rotated his quarterbacks, but it didn’t help to jumpstart the offense at all.

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Wrigley Field Final Touches Applied for Northwestern-Purdue (Photos)

The Wildcats Classic (game preview and prediction here) is now hours, not days, away and Friday brought a chance for the media to come out on see the finishing touches on the Friendly Confines layout and playing surface.

Overall, it looks absolutely beautiful, just transcendent! However, as we covered during our preview podcast, you still have come cramped corners of the end zones, as space remains tight. No, it’s not as bad as the 2010 loss to Illinois, where both teams had to drive towards the same end zone, but it still doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.

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#19 Purdue at Northwestern: Wrigley Field Game Preview

The Northwestern Wildcats will host the #19 Purdue Boilermakers on Saturday at the historic Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. Unlike the first, and only previous time that the Wildcats played at the venue, this game will utilize both end zones.

It won’t be a both teams drive the same way, and the “losers walk” kind of thing. Both teams will be on the same sideline however. This contest could also serve as kind of a dry run for other Wrigley Field football to come, maybe.

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12 Potential Chicago College Football Bowl Game Names

northwestern football wrigley field

The Northwestern Wildcats will host the Purdue Boilermakers at Wrigley Field on Saturday, in a game that is being branded the “Wildcats Classic.” (full game preview and prediction)

Once again the idea of bringing a college football bowl game to Chicago is being discussed, and we penned an op-ed on this idea for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition in 2017. You can read it in full over at this link, and we excerpted part of the introduction below:

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Revisiting Illini-Northwestern, 1 End Zone Only, at Wrigley 2010


“One way, or another, I’m gonna find you! I’m gonna git ya git ya one way!” Blondie told us in the early 1980s. One Saturday, late in November of 2010, these words applied to a Big Ten college football game. It was more than a Big Ten league game, it was branded the Wrigleyville Classic, and it actually hosted ESPN College Gameday.

It was an in-state rivalry game as Northwestern “hosted” their arch-rivals, Illinois, and there was only one end zone in use that day. Yes, both sides had to drive towards the west end zone. No one could head towards the east due to safety precautions. How did this happen and why?

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Bookies Bullish with Purdue Basketball Final Four, NCAA Title Odds

March Madness is a sports betting event, unlike any other on the annual calendar, and the eve of a another college basketball season is the perfect time to start looking at NCAA BB futures prices. Ranked #7 in both preseason polls, this Purdue basketball team might be a safe place for the smart money at all the top NZ online casinos. There should be a lot of action on the Boilers, and deservedly so, when one looks at their preseason prospectus, overall expectations and just the general odds.

Gaming today gives them a 5.88% of winning it all, which may not sound like much, but that’s rather bullish sentiment for a program that has never won a national title before.

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College Football News Roundup: AP Top 25, Injury Updates

LSU Loses Andre Anthony For The Year

The LSU Tigers will be without star defensive end Andre Anthony out for the rest of the season, head coach Ed Orgeron announced on Monday.

“It’s sad news,” Orgeron said, according to the Associated Press. “He’s having a good season. He’s going to be unavailable this season, but he’s going to be with us.”

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Illinois Fighting Illini at Purdue Boilermakers Game Preview

purdue boilermakers

Purdue is favored by double digits at home versus Illinois and that’s very understandable, but consider this fact: Since the start of the Tim Beckman era and onward of Illinois football, the program has only gotten two wins or more against three league programs not named Rutgers.

Purdue is one of those, as the Illini have beaten them thrice over that span. They got win number three over Nebraska in week zero with Michigan State being the other team in the group. So Illinois has a real chance here.

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#10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Purdue Boilermakers Game Preview

This week brings a sense of symmetry and symbolism as Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly will tie Knute Rockne for most wins in school history should he defeat the opponent in front of him on Saturday. That opponent is the Purdue Boilermakers, the very first team he faced as ND coach back in 2010.

“I see it a little differently,” Kelly said of the approaching milestone. “It means longevity. It means stability. It means winning. But it doesn’t mean anything else relative to comparisons or who’s better. Those things don’t mean much to me. I came here to do a job, and that was to bring Notre Dame back to its winning traditions.”

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