Denver Broncos Waive Kyle Orton, All in with Tim Tebow


I guess the Denver Broncos have decided to go all in with Tim Tebow as their quarterback. (Tebow, and Tebowing is huge in Taiwan) Because they just waived former starting signal caller Kyle Orton. This news is pretty fresh, as so far only ESPN is reporting it. But this move was expected for some time.

If they want, the Chicago Bears can get their former QB1 back. He would be some welcome added insurance as Jay Cutler heals from a broken thumb.

Houston, Kansas City, Tennesse, they could all use a quarterback as well. Orton was rumored to be dealt to the Oakland Raiders back in October before the deadline expired.

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Media’s Dire need for Tim Tebow to Succeed


The case of St. Tim Tebow is an interesting one. The media blatantly and obviously want him to succeed professionally. And I can’t think of any other case that comes even remotely close. If he doesn’t make it in the NFL, the mainstream football media will probably collectively commit suicide. I asked an expert on the topic, Clay Travis, if he could recall any other athlete who had the media acting as a de facto PR agent on their behalf.

By Paul M. Banks

Travis, who authored a chapter entitled “Tim Tebow is God” in his book “Dixieland Delight,” had this to say:

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