Colin Kaepernick Still Out of the NFL; Eight AWFUL QBs Currently In


Over the weekend, a reporter for a Sunday NFL morning pregame show revealed the details of his meeting with blackballed former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. As of now, Kaepernick is not doing interviews because he wishes to not draw attention upon himself; he’d rather the publicity be directed towards the causes for which he stands instead.

“He’s not planning on kneeling,” CBS’ Jason La Confora said of what Kaepernick intends to do this season, should he be given another chance at becoming a NFL starting quarterback.

“And he’s planning to stand for the anthem if given the opportunity. He’s going to donate all his jersey sales.”

So that’s the plan Colin Kaepernick currently has, should he be given another shot, but right now it looks extremely unlikely.

colin kaepernick

No matter what you think of Kaepernick and his politics, and the current politically charged atmosphere in the NFL, you can’t deny these facts- there are some very, very AWFUL, TERRIBLE quarterbacks earning a paycheck in the league right now, and Kaepernick is miles and miles better at what he does.

Despite being on a very talent deficient and just plain god awful team, Colin Kaepernick threw 16 TDs and just 4 INTs last season. He finished 17th in the league in passer rating; right in the middle of the pack.

Yet far right extremists and football illiterate alike keep espousing the myth that Kap is out of the league because he’s simply not good enough. Well, we’re going to put that misnomer bed right here, focusing on just football, not politics.

If you what to discuss Colin Kaepernick on a political dimension then join the thread over here, or read this link here.

colin kaepernick

In this post, it’s all about numbers and statistics; and these integers are always apolitical and non-partisan.

Mike Glennon 

An absolute turnover machine, Glennon is so bad that he even prompted Chicago Bears head coach John Fox to do the most un Foxy thing possible- start a rookie quarterback with zero experience in game five last night. Glennon’s replacement, Mitchell Trubisky, showed some promise and potential in the Monday night football closing seconds loss to the rival Minnesota Vikings, but overall his numbers were still putrid.

Still a much better option than Glennon though!

mike glennon

Brandon Weeden 

For this next one, we’ll turn it over to London Fletcher, the most keep it 100 and simply best NFL pundit out there these days.

“There is no way in hell you can tell me that Brandon Weeden is a better fit for the Tennessee Titans’ offense than Colin Kaepernick,” Fletcher said on his CBS morning show this past Sunday.

“Regardless of how long ago he [Brandon Weeden] played, when you think about the style of play that Marcus Mariotta has and then Colin Kaepernick; you wouldn’t have to change anything from an offensive standpoint. They’re basically the same quarterback. This is further proof that teams are holding it against Colin Kaepernick that he took a knee during the national anthem.”

Have a look at the video below:

“I find it ironic that the Tennessee Titans, one of the teams that stayed in the locker room during the national anthem two weeks ago – them and the Pittsburgh Steelers and  Seattle Seahawks- they stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. So you’re going to stay in the locker room and here is a perfect example, a perfect opportunity for you to sign Colin Kaepernick and you don’t do it.

“That stance rings hollow to me because there is no way that Brandon Weeden is a better fit for this offense than Colin Kaepernick. You can’t tell me that. You cannot convince me.”

Well said London.


Joe Webb 

The last QB signed over Colin Kaepernick in the preseason, is actually a wide receiver who sometimes plays a QB on TV.

Andy Dalton

Ask Cincinnati Bengals fans what they think of the Ginger hit man these days. He’s looked better the past couple of weeks, after really starting the season off in miserable fashion, but c’mon, you know in your heart of hearts that Colin Kaepernick could do better.


Blake Bortles

See above, except, he’s accomplished much less than Dalton. Again, his play is stabilizing, but Colin Kaepernick would do much better with the pieces around him than Bortles has.

Jay Cutler

He looked great in week one, and we praised him for that, while warning you that a severe regression was soon coming. Look at his horrendous box score this past week. Go back a couple weeks and remind yourself why Jay Cutler was trending nationally. Don’t say that he didn’t alert you.

Tom Savage and Scott Tolzien

Good lord, there is some atrocious signal calling going on from the guys taking snaps in the AFC South right now. Of course, both of these guys aren’t starting; thank goodness.

The AFC North is abysmal do- This even includes Ben Roethlisberger (who stayed in the league all the time despite his horrendous off the field track record) who’s now 28th in the NFL in passer rating.


The Cleveland Browns’ DeShone Kizer is dead last among all those who qualify, but we’ll lay off criticizing him too much because he’s only a few games into his pro career.

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