Jay Cutler Having Last Laugh on the Chicago Bears Thus Far



It’s early but Jay Cutler certainly looks at home with the Miami Dolphins, and the one coach during his career that truly seemed to maximize his potential. Yes, it was the lowly Chargers, and it’s only one game, but if you could at how things are going for him, versus how things are going for his former team, well, there’s quite a disparity.

Cutler went of 24/33 for 230 yards passing and a touchdown with no interceptions.

Glennon, who has not won a game as a starter in the NFL since 2014 is 21st in the NFL in passer rating, 10 spots below Cutty. Yet he is still the owner of the 15th most expensive contract for a QB this season. His total deal is actually worth $4,000,000 more than Tom Brady’s.

Given the size of what is pretty much just a one a year investment (Bears hold club options for 2018 and 2019), the Bears definitely need to give him a real chance before they give up and move on to Mitchell Trubisky. We had breakfast with Dave Wannstedt this preseason, and he basically said the same thing.

However, when does this become an acknowledgement of a sunk cost and a stop gap, so that the Bears can cut their losses and move on? When does it reach a point where the Bears are just digging themselves deeper in the hole that they’re already in?

Chicago Bears Coach John Fox is sticking with Glennon for now. Is that his doing, or is the order coming from higher up in the organization?

One has to wonder where and when a “fair chance” and loyalty crosses over to bone-headed, stubborn maladaptive behavior.

Bears GM Ryan Pace allowed himself to get fleeced on draft night by the 49ers in order to move up one whole spot and take Trubisky, so it won’t be long before we see what they went all in for.

Or at least we hope it won’t be too long, but Foxy seems committed to Glennon for now.

Meanwhile down in Miami, the site of the last Super Bowl Chicago played in, over a decade ago, Jay Cutler is thriving.

Former NFL MVP quarterback and current talk show pundit Rich Gannon broke it down monday.

“Let’s start with the system,” Gannon said.

“There’s clearly a carryover from their Jay Cutler and Adam Gase time together in Chicago. So the comfort level and obviously the terminology and the verbiage is very familiar to Cutler. This is the best supporting cast that Jay Cutler has ever had.

“I’ve never questioned his arm talent. The thing you always worry about with Jay Cutler is…will he go off the rails and make a bad decision.”

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

“If he can take care of the football and just play within the system and utilize the weapons he has around him, who knows. Maybe Jay Cutler can finish things on a positive note…and change his legacy as a quarterback in this league.”

Okay, there’s a lot to unpack there- “best supporting cast Jay Cutler has ever had?” Uhm no. Before he became “Jake Utler” when Fox arrived, he had plenty of talent to work with on a couple Lovie Smith teams.

Yes, Gannon seems to be hinting, in a subtle manner, perhaps the usual Cutler derailment is in store. You know exactly how this works, where he just simply doesn’t care anymore and becomes very careless with the football. Perhaps Gase can stop that though, somewhat.


If and when that happens though, he’d have to fall pretty far to be at the same depths as the Bears right now.

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