Chicago Bears Season Circling the Drain After Loss to Packers


It’s safe to say the Monsters of the Midway are toiling because their 2011 season is certainly in the toilet.

The Chicago Bears didn’t get the Green Bay Packers A-game, or even their B+game, but they still got beat pretty bad. As my colleague in America’s Dairyland points out, it was an ugly penalty and turnover filled slopfest.

The turf at Soldier Field is among the worst in all of sports, but it was so bad yesterday that it necessitated a stoppage in play. The surface is a fine metaphor for the style of the game, and the Bears 2011 season prospects- all of them resemble excrement.

Also resembling excrement is the statistics surrounding the Bears running game and Matt Forte.

We’ll get to those numbers in some highlights from the Twitter stream below, and discuss their meaning after we get through these tweets. I was lucky enough to have some very expensive seats and very close seats for this game; courtesy of Verizon! So I did some tweets during the game that served as “taking notes” for this article.

Let’s get to the Twitterverse, I’m sure you can guess which one of mine was RTd by four different accounts.

The knox catch was abt 10 rows away from me #bears #packers #nfl

“Hey matt forte, grab the mic and root sway this way” 9 carries 2 yards .2 ypc #bears #packers

Most ppl at #soldierfield have a higher BAC than matt forte’s .2 yards per carry #bears #packers #nfl

Craig steltz is soooooooo bad. Even mark sanchez can exploit him

dan_bernsteinDan Bernstein

I’m not seeing many “pay Forte” tweets today.

JOCKpost Mike McMahon

At what point can the #Bears stop trying with Roy Williams?

NickGrays_TSBNick Grays
by Paul_M_BanksTSB

Because Mike McCarthy is just as good as Ron Zook at calling plays RT @Paul_M_BanksTSB y isn’t #aaronrodgers just throwin at steltz all day

Yes, you read those Forte numbers correctly. The Bears are now averaging 53.7 rush yards per game after accruing a whopping 13 yards rushing yesterday. And with 12 attempts, they matched their second fewest for the second straight game. Against New Orleans last week, they called 52 pass plays and handed off 11 times, with a scramble by Cutler bringing the total to 12.

Chicago’s franchise low for yards rushing in a game is 1 at the L. A. Rams in 1952. The Bears’ record for fewest attempts is 11 at Minnesota in 2009 and Philadelphia in 1994.
With no running game to speak of to support him, QB Jay Cutler scrambled for 10 yards late in game which made the stats look much better. And oh, Aaron Rodgers is still undefeated at Soldier Field now.
If they’re going to abandon the running game than you can also abandon the season. Detroit is anything but two free wins this season, and with two left versus the Lions, and a trip to Green Bay remaining, Chicago is in serious trouble in the division. You don’t want to be 2 games down to two different teams (Lions and Packers are both 3-0 to the Bears 1-2) before you even hit the hard part of your schedule.

-You’ve seen this, right? The AWESOME Devin Hester fake out punt return, that led to a Johnny Knox punt return TD. Which was called off for holding. Watch it here

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