Chicago Bears Don’t Want to Play In Minnesota


After the roof caved in on the Metrodome (and the Vikings season and Brett Favre’s consecutive game streak and Tarvaris Jackson’s days in a Vikings uniform) last Sunday, the Vikings were forced to move a home game against the New York Giants to Ford Field in Detroit. While the venue change wasn’t the reason the Vikings got shellacked it wasn’t exactly a non-factor in the team’s overall flatness.

This week’s Monday Night Football game versus the Chicago Bears was announced to be taking place at least in the same city at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium so the team could enjoy it’s final home game of 2010 at “home” (sort of). But now, the Bears are saying they’d rather not.

By Peter Christian

It was reported this morning that the Chicago Bears are filing an appeal to not to play at TCF Bank Stadium after reports that the grounds crew at the Gopher’s stadium may not be able to completely thaw the frozen Field Turf that currently sits under a couple inches of ice and a few feet of snow.

The problem with that appeal is that is was unnecessary. Oh and it makes the Chicago Bears look like a group of pansies.

Chicago bears Safety Chris Harris

Bears safety Chris Harris has been crying bitching pontificating about the field conditions on Twitter all morning long. His complaints claim that the field will be unsafe because a frozen field will be like playing on asphalt. While the field will be very unforgiving,  publicly complaining about it just makes him look like a prissy figure skater rather than a tough football player.

Of course, the Bears pleading for a venue change isn’t completely because they’re worried about the surface.

No, the team is looking for an opportunity to play the game at a neutral field so as to eliminate any home field advantage that a 5-8 Vikings team with a 3rd/4th string quarterback might have. That’s right the team that’s 9-4 and leading the NFC North is trying to scheme and sneak it’s way into an easier win versus a team that has taken about 13 cannonball blows to its pre-season hopes and aspirations.


Of course, even sinking to the whiny level of filing the appeal wasn’t even needed at all since the NFL already had backup plans in place if TCF Bank Stadium was deemed unsafe or unready by the league by this weekend. Atlanta, New Orleans and Indianapolis have all been mentioned as back up locations if the campus stadium isn’t fit for play.

Instead of just preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, the Chicago Bears showed their lack of grit by metaphorically running to their Daddy, stomping their feet and yelling, “That’s not fair.”

If the league, in fact, does decide that TCF Bank Stadium isn’t properly suited to host the game on Monday night, you will get no argument from me (or, I would hope, most Vikings fans for that matter) but if the Bears continue to whine and bitch about the field in preparation for the game, then allow me to speak for the Vikings and their fans and say:


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  1. DumbBearsFan says

    Are you kidding Peter? Strap some pads on get let Jared Allen or Brian Urlacher drive your ass onto that field Monday night. Don’t hide behind your blog & drive names at Chris Harris / Jay Cutler… it’s your right, but I guess at least you publish your “real” name, eh Peter? Grow up pussy.

  2. pretty ironic. you posting a comment under a pseudonym and then calling someone out for not using their real name?

    how hypocritical

  3. Bryan Vickroy says

    ironic, yet quite the accurate pseudonym as well!! it took me at least five takes to even decipher the comment. i really want to know what the hell it means to “drive names”

  4. It’s also ironic that the Bears are complaining about a field’s surface, when they play on the worst one on the NFL and one that also gives them a huge advantage.

  5. Robert Bennett says

    Really!? The Bears complain about their own field conditions too. You guys are a bunch of morons if you think they are acting like pussies! I would love to see one of you get hit by even the smallest player on one of these teams when its 2 degrees out and the ground is frozen! I guarantee you will hurt for a month.

  6. Peter Christian says

    As Vickroy’s brother can attest (he’s actually played football beyond High School) getting hit in 2 degree weather on any surface is going to hurt. IT’S PART OF THE GAME. Jesus. Did the Cowboys and Packers bitch about the playing surface hurting too much when playing in the Ice Bowl? No. Do Bears fans need to shut the Hell up for eternity? Absolutely.

    Bears suck, but their idiot fans suck more.

    (Fire stoked)

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