Chicago Bears Hindsight Draft

Jerry Angelo Hindsight

Imagine, if you will, Troy Polamalu returning a fumble he forced himself for a touchdown; Aaron Rodgers lofting up 50-yard bombs with pinpoint accuracy; and Maurice Jones-Drew dissecting a defense with his explosive speed.

Now, imagine all of those things happening… with those players wearing Bears jerseys. Call it crazy if you’d like, but the draft records show that former GM Jerry Angelo had the power to make all of this possible. In hindsight. [Read more…]

Five Lessons We Learned From the Saints’ Beatdown of the Bears

After a rousing Week 1 victory over the Atlanta Falcons at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears headed down to the Superdome in New Orleans to battle the Saints in another NFC South matchup. All of the confidence they brought with them south of the Mason-Dixon line didn’t mean diddly squat, however, as the Saints picked apart the Bears’ weakened secondary and sacked Jay Cutler six times en route to a 30-13 victory.

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Chicago Bears Don’t Want to Play In Minnesota

After the roof caved in on the Metrodome (and the Vikings season and Brett Favre’s consecutive game streak and Tarvaris Jackson’s days in a Vikings uniform) last Sunday, the Vikings were forced to move a home game against the New York Giants to Ford Field in Detroit. While the venue change wasn’t the reason the Vikings got shellacked it wasn’t exactly a non-factor in the team’s overall flatness.

This week’s Monday Night Football game versus the Chicago Bears was announced to be taking place at least in the same city at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium so the team could enjoy it’s final home game of 2010 at “home” (sort of). But now, the Bears are saying they’d rather not.

By Peter Christian

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