Bright Spots for the Minnesota Vikings


There is plenty of bad news surrounding the NFL in the Twin Cities this fall. I will not pile on in this blog because it is plentiful from other sources. Instead, I will point out some of the strong points at this midway juncture of the season. It has taken some in-depth research and numerous hours of memory jogging exercises to delve into the positive aspects of the Vikings play.

Adrian Peterson: The one hundred million dollar man is worth every penny. To average almost five yards per carry at the highest level when the other team knows what’s coming is simply phenomenal. His eight touchdowns have been essential in keeping the squad relevant in its games this season. Peterson’s insistence on treating every carry as his last is contagious to the rest of the players. There is no doubt that he will be a constant presence throughout the remainder of play.

Chad Greenway: Fans have been on Greenway’s side since day one in uniform because he is a Big Ten product out of Iowa. His play has also multiplied his legion of followers. His fifty-two tackles far and away lead the team. He is pursuing the ball at a level that surpasses his quality play from the rest of his career. His tenacity and intense nature pay homage to the man who paved the way in the Midwest: Mike Singletary.

Jared Allen: This premier pass rusher has eleven and a half sacks entering the game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Most NFL quarterbacks have the ability to surgically dissect a defense if they are given ample time. Cam Newton is no exception. He has surpassed all expectations thus far, but he will have happy feet on Sunday because the thought of Allen will be in the back of his mind.

Percy Harvin: Special teams compose the hidden yardage in games. Fans often overlook these statistics and the penalty yardage. The San Diego Chargers proved how important this aspect of the game is last season because they led in total offense and defense and still performed well below expectations. Harvin has averaged over thirty one yards per kick return. Fans around the NFC North constantly talk about Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears for good reason, but the explosiveness at the same position cannot be ignored in Minnesota.

Leslie Frazier: The even keeled approach that this coach has exemplified is perfect for a team that is in the Vikings situation. Contrasting him with Tony Sparano in Miami is a blessing for those in Minnesota. The players know that they have struggled and the results are not ideal, but Frazier is busy providing ways to improve and implementing sound analysis about matchups in the current week. Belittling players and engaging in antics is not the way to treat professionals in the twenty-first century. Tony Dungy proved this in Indianapolis during his tenure.

All is not doom and gloom around Mall of America Field this autumn. Christian Ponder could provide some fireworks in the near future.

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