New Year’s Resolutions for the Minnesota Vikings

adrian peterson

A season that didn’t seem to be able to get any worse just did during the Christmas Eve game against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. Not only did the Vikings come out of the contest victorious, but franchise running back Adrian Peterson tore his ACL and MCL. Happy holidays to the purple people eaters. For those of you who are thinking that the injury isn’t a big deal because of the timing, consider the recovery. These are two severe injuries that require extensive rehabilitation. The treatment will be both physical and psychological for AP. It is not even certain if the recovery will be fully to his previous condition.

What we do know is that he is expected to make a full recovery in time for opening day 2012. He should be 100% by sometime in the early-mid preseason.

It’s that time of year where all of us vow to cut out those midnight snacks and work out more.

If I spent half as much time exercising as watching other people play sports, I’d be on a commercial for GNC. The Minnesota Vikings certainly have some resolutions that need to be adhered to in order to avoid the sub-par play fans have witnessed throughout the last two seasons.

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How the Vikings Can Stay Competitive with the Packers

Leslie Frazier and the Minnesota Vikings will play at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football this week. The Packers are around two touchdown favorites-which is a boatload in the NFL. Fans from Green Bay are unique in the fact that they enjoy their beverages either way. They partake in them to celebrate if the club wins, and they consume them in excess after a loss to drown their sorrows. They will probably be on the cheery end of the spectrum late Monday night, but there are a few things that the Vikings can do to combat this likelihood.

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Bright Spots for the Minnesota Vikings

There is plenty of bad news surrounding the NFL in the Twin Cities this fall. I will not pile on in this blog because it is plentiful from other sources. Instead, I will point out some of the strong points at this midway juncture of the season. It has taken some in-depth research and numerous hours of memory jogging exercises to delve into the positive aspects of the Vikings play.

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Minnesota Vikings Have Sunk to New Depths

Conventional wisdom said that the Vikings would be able to run against the Bears and that they would be able to stop the run on Sunday. Neither was true as Minnesota was steamrolled by over four touchdowns in a 39-10 drubbing. One would have thought that Viking quarterback Donovan McNabb could have a better performance on his return to his hometown.

The team is now officially in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. It would behoove the organization to lose the rest of their games this season, but Leslie Frazier may not like this course of action for his job security.

Owner Zygi Wilf has been attempting to secure a stadium deal for years, but is unlikely to do so because of the state of the economy, the losing ways of late, and the Brett Favre debacle.

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Minnesota Vikings Finally Hold On and Breakthrough with a W

Larry Fitzgerald Fantasy Football

The Minnesota Vikings finally held on during the second half of Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals to secure the victory. They still lost the second half by a score of seven to six, but the club finally took my advice and rode Adrian Peterson to the promised land. He carried the ball twenty-nine times for one hundred twenty-two yards. His success didn’t come in garbage time either because he was in the end zone three times in the first quarter.

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NFL Week 3: Mike Vick, Alex Smith, No-Name Buffalo Bills, Torrey Smith

Cam Newton made this blog after his play in week one. He has now notched his first NFL victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Prior to today, Newton had received some criticism because he had passed for an impressive number of yards, but he had thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. His touchdown pass to Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen proved that Newton could come through under pressure late in games.

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Minnesota Vikings Blow Big Lead; Look Lost at Sea Thus Far

The Minnesota Vikings are winless so far during the 2011 regular season,  much to the chagrin of their fans. Adrian Peterson has been the one constant so far for the club. On Sunday, he gained one hundred twenty yards on the ground in just twenty-five carries. That is the extent of the good news that is transpiring up in the great North.

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Analyzing More Quarterback Options for the Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf obviously has his hands full with the situation concerning Mall of America Field. It is not too early, however, to start analyze possibilities at the quarterback position.

We started this exploratory process over a month ago, and you can read our preliminary findings here.

Now, with more evidence coming to light, we continue our potential QB assessment.

Joe Webb has proven thus far that he is extremely talented athletically, but raw. His decision-making ability has been suspect at best. Interim head coach Leslie Frazier is dealing with the game of out, doubtful, or probable with Brett Favre on a weekly basis. This is obviously not a recipe for long term success.

Patrick Herbert is here to give you some options for the club in the offseason.

(note this is begin re-run from December 26th)

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Minnesota Vikings 2011 NFL Draft Plan

When you have the twelfth pick in a draft, it’s always a bit difficult to project what your plan is going to be. That’s true whether you’re prepping for a fantasy football draft or the greatest draft event in the world (i.e. the NFL Draft). In the case of the Minnesota Vikings and the 2011 NFL Draft, their actual plans are a bit of a mystery, probably to even them.

However, that doesn’t stop anyone and everyone for pretending to know what the team is targeting with their first pick in the draft. Per usual, with my outstanding network of sources in the media and inside the team, I have zero clue of what the team is actually doing. Instead, I’ll share my plan of exactly what the Vikings SHOULD do.

By Peter Christian

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Tuesday Night was a fine Night for Football, Vikings

It has been over sixty years since the NFL has had a Tuesday night football game. If you asked Minnesota Vikings  head coach Leslie Frazier, I am sure that he would agree to another one next week. That way his team could have a full week to prepare for the Detroit Lions. Instead, they will have only until Sunday before they engage in their last regular season contest at Ford Field on the second of January. Adrian Peterson was able to not only take the field, but perform extremely effectively in his twenty two carries. His 118 yards attained dwarfed the 44 gained by his counterpart LeSean McCoy. Although, the latter did only have thirteen carries.

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Why Isn’t the Vikings Game at TCF Bank Stadium instead of Ford Field?

Some casual fans of the Minnesota Vikings are cheering because the game against the Vikings is now delayed for more than thirty hours. This lack of insight is astounding considering that the team will have to travel to the motor city and play at play at Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions, and play in front of fans who are watching them for free and are not passionate to their cause.

By Patrick Herbert

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Minnesota Vikings Disastrous Season due to Injuries…Or is it?


Percy Harvin is experiencing migraine headaches; Offensive Guard Steve Hutchinson has a broken right thumb; Defensive End Ray Edwards is gimpy on a bum ankle. The aforementioned ailments are enough to send any Vikings fan running for Maalox, but Adrian Peterson also had a limited ability to make cuts due to his sprained ankle.

This is a recipe for disaster for a Minnesota Vikings team that entered Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills thirtieth in the NFL in points scored per game (17.2).

Much like the Detroit Lions, the Bills record is not indicative of their performance thus far in the season. The team would have won last weekend’s game against the Steelers, but receiver Steve Johnson dropped a sure touchdown because it was God’s fault. This accountability is refreshing in a league where receivers consistently make bad decisions and are in constant search of the spotlight.

By Patrick Herbert

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