5 Biggest NFL Matchups for 2012



While NFL fans are excited every Sunday there are the handful of games that everyone wants to watch. Whether it’s the classic rivalries like the Packers and the Vikings, or head to head matchups with high profile quarterbacks, these games should prove to be exciting and have rating spikes.

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Broncos-Patriots Week 5

This matchup pits two of the greatest quarterbacks of their time against one another. Love him or (probably) hate him, Tom Brady has a an arsenal of weapons to test the strong Bronco’s defense with. The Broncos have a huge chip on their shoulder after they were spanked by the Patriots in last season’s playoffs when Tim Tebow was leading the team. Under Peyton Manning, the Broncos have proved to be a different team, notching an impressive first game win against the Steelers. Any Brady-Manning showdown is guaranteed to be a great game, and Peyton leading a new team will garner even more media weight, especially if both teams happen to be undefeated come week 5.


Saints-Packers Week 4

Last year we saw Drew Brees put up record breaking numbers against Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau Field and still fall short to the Packers. Both quarterbacks and teams are have great passing and limited running games, making the games an exciting aerial battle that boasts high scoring and yards. The Saints will be looking to prove a point this year after the tumultuous offseason “Bountygate” scandal and dropping their opening game to the Redskins and Rober Griffin III. Brees will be looking to show that he is worth his multi-million dollar contract by winning this grudge match against Rodgers.


Giants-Cowboys Week 8

After winning the Super Bowl the New York Giants have a huge target slathered on their backs and the Cowboys have been gunning for them since the offseason. The Cowboys were able to deliver as well, delivering a major blow by defeating the Giants in New York on the season opening game. Elli Manning and the Giants definitely took that loss personally and will be looking to embarrass the Tony Romo and the Cowboys at their home stadium. This mid-season matchup could be critical for either team and the postseason, there is much more on the line than a rivalry.


Panthers-Redskins Week 9

Cam Newton had a breakout performance last year and set multiple rookie records and is looking to improve himself and the Panthers this season. They had a shaky start in their week one matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where Newton threw two interceptions. This happened while this year’s rookie sensation, Robert Lee Griffin III (RG3), debuted against the powerhouse Saints and upset them. Newton and RG3 are both incredibly athletic quarterbacks and RG3 will be constantly compared to Newton throughout his career. Expect fireworks and an extensive highlight reel when these two young guns go against each other in week nine.


Patriots-Jets Week 7


The Jets have been surrounded with media attention after they picked up high profile quarterback Tim Tebow in the offseason. Speculation about whether or not Tebow would be threatening Mark Sanchez’s starting speculation still haven’t been laid to rest after week one. Sanchez started under center, but Tebow lined up in the difficult to defend wildcat formation as a tight end and helped to contribute to the Jet’s win. Many speculations think that Tebow could be found under center around midseason if Sanchez fails to capitalize, and if it happens to be against the Patriots the media would be a roar. Last season Tebow’s miraculous post season run with the Bronco’s came to an embarrassing  end when he was throttled by the Patriots who apparently didn’t get the memo that Tebow is a game changer. Even if he isn’t taking the snaps, Tebow’s involvement with the Jet’s makes every game newsworthy.

Whatever your team is, 2012 looks to be an exciting year for the NFL with new faces trying to go to the Super Bowl . Established players are trying to stay on top while new talent tries to gain a foothold in the wildly competitive NFL.

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