Exclusive: Former Eagles, Packers QB Ty Detmer on 2019 NFL Contenders


In 14 NFL seasons, with six different teams, Ty Detmer played in 54 games (with 25 starts), totaling 6,351 yards passing, 34 touchdowns and 35 interceptions; good for a passer rating of 74.1. The former Heisman Trophy winner and BYU offensive coordinator was one of the instructors at the first ever Pacific Pro Scrimmage, an invitation-only camp for free agent players.

We asked Ty his thoughts on the NFL season, specifically, can anybody knock off the New England Patriots? In terms of making free NFL expert picks, it’s best to solicit a wide array of opinions and gather feedback from various sources.

Ty Detmer sees a couple of contenders who might be able to come at the kings of the NFL and not miss.

“Kansas City is strong, they’re so explosive with the things they can do, and (QB Patrick) Mahomes can make every throw,” the San Marcos, TX native said.

“Would love to see that rematch.”

“New Orleans won without (QB Drew) Brees so if they can kind of hang in there, and keep winning without him, when they get him back, they’ll be a contender.”

“I’d have to say New England is probably the top dog right now, but it’s early and they haven’t really played anybody yet.”

“So the next five or six weeks will tell a lot, in terms of putting people in position, to make a push and see who is for real and who is not.”

Detmer says he doesn’t identify with a specific NFL team as “his team,” given how he played for six, but we did ask him about his time with the Green Bay Packers.

“The Packers were my first team, and one of my favorite stops, cuz of the tradition and it’s almost like a college town up there,” he answered.

“So it wasn’t a lot different from coming from Provo, Utah. You’re in a small media market, small town and you can be involved a lot in the community”

“I loved my time in Green Bay, but had some other stops I enjoyed as well.”

He said that people also identify him a lot with the Philadelphia Eagles, as that is the destination where he had most of his playing time and the bulk of his starting assignments.

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