Shaq a Good Fit in Boston


Shaq Celtics

Shaq was one of two big name NBA free agents left on the market.  Now, Tracy McGrady is left all alone without a home.  The Diesel will take his huge body and declining game to the Boston Celtics in hopes of helping the aging team win another ring.  Is it a good move?  I think so.

By: David Kay

The options were dwindling for the big fella as Boston and Atlanta were the only teams really showing interest at this point of the off-season but Shaq has finally found a home; his fourth in the last four years.

With Kendrick Perkins possibly out until February as he recovers from knee surgery and Rasheed Wallace likely to retire, the Celtics needed to add a big body inside.  They used their entire mid-level exception earlier this summer on Jermaine O’Neal but he does not bring any real physicality inside which is where the Diesel steps in.  He can throw around all 325-plus pounds and help take some of the beating off also aging Kevin Garnett.

Shaq will likely begin the season in the starting five alongside Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo.  Those are four starters whose ages are 38, 34, 35, and 32.  It is somewhat a roll of the dice to be relying on aging players who have a ton of mileage on their legs.  But as the Celtics proved last season with their run to the NBA Finals, as long as they are healthy for the post-season, they are capable of making a title run.

Shaq’s addition will also allow Perkins to take his time in rehabbing.  It will be interesting to see when Perkins returns how Doc Rivers plans to split 96 minutes of playing time between KG, the O’Neals, Glen Davis, and Perkins.

WWF Natural DisastersIf you are Boston, why not bring in Shaq?  It is a two-year contract worth the league minimum of about $1.4 million per season.  He is a veteran who I don’t think will mess up the team chemistry, can come in and play his role in hopes of making one final push for a ring.  Plus, won’t it be exciting to see Shaq and Big Baby on the floor at the same time?  That is like 650 pounds of front court.  I don’t think WWF’s tag team The Natural Disasters even weighed that much.

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